Cara Delevingne Praises Firefighters for Rescuing Cats from Burning Home

Actress Cara Delevingne has expressed immense gratitude toward firefighters from the Los Angeles Fire Department for rescuing her two cats from her burning Hollywood home. Reports say the two-floor California residence worth $7 million went up in flames on Mar. 15.
Although Delevingne wasn’t around at the time of the fire, her two felines and a person staying on the property were in the house.
Cara Delevingne thanks firefighters for rescuing her cats
The Los Angeles fire crew arrived at Delevingne’s burning residence on Friday shortly after 4:00 a.m. after receiving reports of the inferno, The Mirror reported. A total of 94 firefighters and 13 engines responded to battle the massive blaze.
It’s reported that Delevingne was out of the country when the incident took place. For this reason, she feared the worst for her cherished felines when news of the fire reached her.
Taking to Instagram to share the devastating news with her followers, the supermodel-turned-actress wrote, “My heart is broken today. I cannot believe it. Life can change in a blink of an eye so cherish what you have.”
Fortunately, the fire crew managed to rescue Delevingne’s two cats and the third occupant in the nick of time. According to Sky News, it took more than two hours for firefighters to contain the blaze, which left the mansion badly damaged.
Authorities confirmed the felines are safe and sound. A relieved Delevingne once again took to Instagram to applaud the fire crew for their life-saving efforts. Furthermore, she clarified her cats were alive, contrary to what she initially thought.
Delevingne’s Instagram post read, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the firefighters and people that have showed up to help. They are alive!! Thank you to the firefighters.”
Unfortunately, one firefighter suffered an injury involving a ladder as he tried to extinguish the blaze. Moreover, the person staying at the residence with Delevingne’s cats was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation treatment.

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