Dog Taken From Neglectful Family Arrives To Place He Can Truly Call Home

When Buster was only a year old, he faced immense solitude and severe neglect, his life restricted by the relentless chain that bound him day in and day out. This perpetual confinement led to a cruel reality where the chain embedded itself deeply into his neck, causing a painful wound. The cycle of suffering seemed unbreakable for Buster until hope arrived in the form of dedicated PETA fieldworkers. They came across Buster in his dire circumstances and without hesitation, they intervened…

Image/Story Source Credit: PETA via YouTube Video
They noticed the dog’s neck wound and skin condition and approached the owners. Thankfully, the family handed to dog over to PETA. While Buster got the treatment he needed and recovered, they searched for the perfect forever home for him.

Image/Story Source Credit: PETA via YouTube Video
And he got just that! Adoption day had arrived, and Buster was on his way to a place he could truly call home for the first time in his life. As he waits at the door for his new family to answer, try not to cry.
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