Lady Intervenes ‘Mere Moments’ Before Sick Tiny Puppy’s Set To Be Disposed Of

Toby, an itty bitty Yorkie, has a big heart inside his tiny body. Born with hydrocephalus, which is water on the brain, Toby’s head is swollen and heavier than the rest of his body. His back legs don’t work, and he has problems with his gums. But despite these challenges, Toby is a happy, playful pup who has found a loving home with Kit, the founder of Florida Yorkie Rescue.

Kit first heard about Toby when his original owner decided to put him down at five weeks old. Believing that every life is worth living, Kit took Toby in and began working to give him the best life possible. “I don’t wish him to be anything different than what he is,” Kit says. “He’s perfect the way he was born.”
Florida Yorkie Rescue is an organization that helps Yorkies with special needs find loving homes. Toby’s case is unique, as he was accidentally bred and his mother was very small. When Kit first took him in, he weighed only 16 ounces.
To help Toby get around, a custom-made wheelchair was provided for him – the tiniest one ever made. This has allowed Toby to become more mobile and playful. When Toby scoots about, he sounds like a wind-up toy.
Toby’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but Kit is determined to give him the best life possible. He’s on various medications and requires frequent visits to the vet to monitor his health. But as long as Toby is happy, Kit is committed to his care. Kit has a soft spot for underdogs and has had other special needs dogs in the past.
Kit believes that every life has value and is willing to embrace the challenges that come with caring for a dog like Toby. “I’m not saying it’s easy because it’s not easy,” she admits. “But I just think every life has value.” Toby has found safety and love in his new home, and he’s even gained quite a fan base. While his future is uncertain, Kit is dedicated to giving him all she can. Despite receiving many offers to adopt the pup, Kit knows that very few people can devote the time and care that she can to a dog like Toby.

To meet the little puppy warrior and see the bond Toby has with Kit, check out the video below. We are so inspired by them both!
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