Owner ‘Walked-Away’ Unscathed After Fire, Left His Dogs Alone In Driveway

In a touching story of rescue and recovery, two dogs were saved after being abandoned at their home following a house fire. The dogs, a Great Dane and a Mastiff, were found by rescuers who were initially cautious in approaching the large animals. However, they soon realized that the dogs were friendly and in need of help.

Upon closer inspection, the rescuers noticed that the Mastiff was lying in the driveway with a swollen leg, unable to get up. Despite her injury, the dog remained kind and sweet-natured. Both dogs were taken to a shelter clinic for medical exams and treatment. The rescuers were able to handle the dogs without any issues, and the dogs seemed grateful for the help.
After scanning the dogs’ microchips and contacting the owner, the rescuers learned that both dogs had been used for breeding. The owner had a lot going on in their life and decided that it was in the dogs’ best interest to surrender them to the rescue organization.
The two dogs, now named Oma and Sakura, were taken in by a foster mom who specializes in caring for Great Danes. Although Great Danes require more space and food than smaller breeds, their foster parent believes that they also have more love to give. After about two weeks in their foster home, Oma and Sakura began to come out of their shells, wagging their tails and showing signs of happiness.
Having spent a couple of months with their foster mom, it’s been determined that Oma and Sakura can be adopted into separate homes, allowing each dog to receive individual attention and care. These gentle giants would be ideal companions for retired or older individuals with less active lifestyles looking for a loving pet.
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