Pup With Backwards Legs Works His Tail Off So He Can Run With The Big Dogs

Dogs are simply the best. They never fail to blow us away with their loyalty and cuteness. Dogs with special needs remind us that canines are also tenacious and inspiring. One puppy named Phelps was born with a disability where his legs are basically backward. He couldn’t walk, run, or play. This broke the heart of his rescuer, who made it her mission to rehabilitate the pup and give him the chance to live his life to the fullest. His journey is ongoing, and we commend those who continue to care for Phelps. This is his story.

When the French Bulldog was born, his legs were so deformed that they appeared to be backward. He struggled to eat and was eventually surrendered to a rescue group called the Bottle Brigade. Kathryn Hartwig, the group’s founder, tirelessly nurses and cares for dogs like Phelps, hoping they will have a bright future.
Phelps came into her care and Kathryn didn’t hesitate. She took him to the vet and made sure they performed every test imaginable. The vet and staff suggested that Phelps begin physical therapy. He does leg exercises at home with Kathryn and also goes to hydrotherapy. While he still has a way to go, he’s making tremendous strides.
The adorable pup can now sit up a bit and even move about in the yard. He loves to play and can’t wait until he can keep up with the other dogs. This Frenchie’s story is far from over and we can’t wait to see how it all turns out. We are rooting for this puppy warrior! To see the adorable pup’s story, check out the short video below.
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