10 Dog Breeds That Are Great For Children

Choosing the right dog for your family goes a long way in keeping good ambience in the house. If you have children, then the selection becomes even more crucial. This is because kids are spontaneous and can knowingly or unknowingly hurt the dog or can get hurt by the dogs. So it becomes important to select those dogs which are safe for the kids.
If you have kids in the house, here is a list of top 10 dog breeds which would definitely suit you better,

One of the most affable dogs you will ever find, a Labrador Retriever is excellent for houses with kids. They have a highly tolerant nature and quickly adapts to the energy levels of a household. This is why they are also good dogs for first time owners as well. However, supervise the labradors while they play with your dogs as they are physically big and can accidentally topple the kids from excitement.

Beagles make great family pets since they are eager to please their owners.  Besides, they have a highly playful nature which can make your kids laugh whole-heartedly. But they are a little bit noisy, although you can correct this behaviour with some training sessions. If you have kids in your house, then Beagles can be ideal playmates to play fetch with them.

One of the most intelligent dogs you will ever see, Golden Retrievers are great dogs for households with children. Their high intelligence makes them easy to train and you can teach them all the necessary tricks and commands. But these dogs lack guarding skills and may not be ideal dogs for those looking for dogs for protection. But if you want a child-friendly dog, go for a Golden Retriever without thinking twice.

The playful and affectionate behaviour of Pugs makes them good family dogs. Besides, they have a mouth shape that makes it hard for them to inflict an aggressive bite on children. They also don’t need much exercise and will happily sit on a couch all day. If you want a patient dog who will watch all the antics of your kids with glee, go for a Pug.

Boxers are upbeat, playful dogs who also have a protective nature that makes them great family dogs. Apart from being friendly with children, they can also put their life on the line to save their loved ones in the face of a threat. It is essential that you start training them from puppyhood itself, since it is a bit tough to train them when they grow up.

Collies are intelligent and loyal dogs who do great with children. They also have a protective instinct that makes them guard the kids against any potential threats. Collies also gel equally well with adults and are highly trainable as well. Above all, they are generally friendlier with cats and other dogs that makes them good for families with multiple pets

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Since Shih Tzus are of small size and also have a playful nature, they act as one of the best dogs for households with children. They are also loyal and friendly, and interact with the kids in a gentle way. A small hurdle you may face with these dogs would be to train them as they are a bit stubborn. Offer them tasty dog treats and give them good patting during the training sessions to make them learn things faster.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are among the least-aggressive dogs who are known today. They always show a willingness to play and suits best for children who are always active. They are also calm and patient dogs who will get along with kids who have a bit of naughty side to them.  Being a big dog, they also have a guarding instinct which keeps your kids safe from any external threat. These qualities make Bernese Mountain Dog a good family dog.

Bulldogs are loyal and trustworthy dogs who get along well with kids. Despite having tough looks, they are incredibly gentle and show tremendous calmness while playing with kids. They are also good dogs for apartment dwellers as they don’t need much exercise. Although, these dogs will crave your attention and need someone who is there with them most of the time.

Cocker Spaniels have an easy-going and affectionate nature, which makes them get along well with kids. They are also easy to train dogs since they exhibit high intelligence. However, being energetic dogs, Cocker Spaniels need good exercise daily or else, they will indulge in destructive behaviours like excessive chewing, digging etc.
In Short,
These are some of the dog breeds who are great for families with children. Remember to give them good exercise daily and also train them well, so that they don’t develop any undesirable habits. Also, give them loads of love and petting so that they will feel cherished as a family member.

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