10 Funniest Cat Stories To Brighten Your Mood

All pet owners could regale you with tales of hilarious things their pets do. Whether dogs, lizards, or birds, all animals get up to some shenanigans that make their owners laugh. When someone asks for stories about the funniest things cats have done that brought their owners joy, cat owners are quick to share their favorite funny moments or even habits their cats have created, regaling them as some of the funniest cat stories they know.

One of the reasons I love cats is how funny they can be. They can be hysterical when they’re getting ready to pounce, planning a sneak attack on another cat in your home, or crouching low to discover something for the first time.

Hidden Talent

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With a mischievous twinkle in their eyes and an uncanny ability to create laughter-filled memories, cats truly have a remarkable talent for turning ordinary moments into extraordinary sources of delight.

1. Furry Metronome

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One cat lover and musician plays the piano and owns a cat. These two things don’t necessarily overlap in any meaningful way. But they say that the cat sits next to them and moves their tail in time with the music “like a ‘furry metronome.’”

2. Getting Stuck in Beds and Sofas

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More than one cat owner shares a story of their feline friend finding themselves in a bit of a predicament with furniture. One commenter says their pet got stuck inside the sofa, while another says their cat somehow managed to get stuck in a bed.

3. Tattling

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The head of a three-cat and one adult human son household says that one of the felines has taken to informing on her siblings of all species. When the other cats do something they aren’t supposed to, the tattler will meow loudly until mom or dad checks on precisely what’s gone wrong.

But more fun than that is when the owner’s 22-year-old son returns home too late from outings; the squealer will make sure the parents know about that, too. Adding to the hilarity, another commenter asked if the rat cat was the youngest of the bunch (she is), saying that this sounds like stereotypical youngest-child behavior.

4. Bag Obsession

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“If I fits, I sits” is a cat lover’s proverb for a good reason, but it usually applies to boxes. One commenter shares that their cat, named “Trouble,” is obsessed with bags of all shapes and sizes. They say they’ve even caught him trying to fit into little baggies.

5. Squirrel Fears

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Two cat owners find it hilarious that their skilled hunter pets are terrified of squirrels. One shares that her cat climbed comically high on a screen door to escape a nearby squirrel.

6. Funny Falls

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Physical comedy has always been a key part of humor, so it makes sense that it’s only funnier when agile cats fall. One cat owner says they couldn’t help laughing at their feline friend when the cat climbed up some curtains and almost made it to the top before falling and landing with “a loud thud.”

Another owner chuckled at their pet when they fell off of the couch in their sleep. Finally, one user generalizes that misjudged leaps are “my cat’s funniest moments.”

7. Window Confusion

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As with people walking into pristine glass doors, it’s always funny when an animal runs into an invisible wall. One cat owner says the most amusing thing they’ve ever seen their cat do is sprint to attack the birds outside and slam into the closed window.

8. Unintentional Drifting

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Another physical comedy classic is knowing that you’re about to make a collision but cannot do anything about it. One cat owner shares that their cat once ran so fast that she couldn’t make a last-minute turn and ended up drifting and slamming into the wall. Of course, it’s only funny because she was unharmed.

9. What is Snow?

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One cat owner says their cat loves to run out of the house as soon as the front door opens, but things went a little differently when they first experienced snow. The cat rushed out the door, froze, looked around confused, and began jumping into the air to escape the cold white substance.

10. Sneaking into School

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Cats are known for being good at sneaking into spaces they shouldn’t be. But one cat snuck into a free trip to school when they climbed into the owner’s niece’s backpack. The user said they received a call from their niece’s school alerting them that the young girl had brought a cat to kindergarten. But she swore innocence, leading them to discover the covert travel method.

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