5 Shoe Styles We Are Seeing Everywhere (and will continue to wear in 2024)

It’s definitely been the year of flats, and I have zero complaints. We’ve seen ballet flats to retro sneakers become quite popular again in 2023. Some would argue that they’ve always been popular, but as of late, it seems these styles are in demand more than most.
I’ve curated a selection that I believe will remain well-liked in 2024. And even if you’re typically a devoted fan of heels, the picks below may just inspire a change of heart. Surprisingly, the variety of stylish flat shoe options is more extensive than one might expect.

There’s something classic about a tweed flat that just goes with everything. The Ally Shoes Black & White Mix Tweed Cap Toe Flat  is comfortable (seriously, these are the most comfortable shoes I own) and my top choice if you are someone on their feet a lot. They have several style options and if you do end up wanting a heel, this brand has a lot of options with sizes and width — take the fit finder quiz here. They gave me a code if you want to try,  Ashley10 for 10% off first purchase of any pair of shoes (boots, flat, heels etc.)

Ballet flats were certainly a shoe style that held a strong grip on our wardrobe this past year. We saw a mix of simple and delicate ballet flats to Mary Jane styles with buckle hardware. These Loeffler Randal Ballet Flats  are a style I really love and look forward to wear throughout next year.

I did a full breakdown on the Chanel Quilted Loafers a few years ago and they are still one of my most-worn styles this time of year. Pair them with socks (I love the sheer ones) and they are perfect for a cooler temps. I am also loving this under $200 style.

I joked with a friend the other day that platform Uggs are the “it gift” of the season because they are truly impossible to find right now. I am actually on a few wait list for this pair and will keep you updated if I find them. Needless to say, these are a hot style.

The Adidas Samba sneaker has built up quite a fan base in recent months. Priced around the $100 range, depending on the version you choose, this isn’t a fleeting trend that will lose its appeal after a few wears. The allure of this sneaker lies in its timeless design and effortless versatility, making it a worthwhile investment.

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