7 Bronzer Makeup Mistakes to Avoid for a Sun-Kissed Complexion — Mixed Makeup

Bronzers are a great way to achieve that sun-kissed, fresh-off-a-beach-vacation look WITHOUT the sun damage. But you might be making some bronzer makeup mistakes that are getting in the way of achieving this look. Here are the bronzer makeup mistakes to avoid!Mistake #1: Confusing contour & bronzerThere is a difference! Contour is meant to add shadow and dimension to your face – think chiseled cheekbones. Bronzer is meant to add warmth to your face and is placed where the sun would typically hit your face (tops of the forehead and cheekbones, bridge of the nose, etc.).Mistake #2: USING THE Wrong bronzeR FORMULAPowder, cream, liquid…there are so many types of bronzer! Each formula will offer a different finish and some are easier to use than others. Mistake #3: USING THE Wrong shade of bronzerTo get the most natural look, you need to choose the right shade for your skin tone. In general, the rule is to choose a bronzer that’s two to three shades deeper than your skin tone.Mistake #4: Trying a new product before a big eventWe get it, you just got the newest bronzer that everyone is talking about and you want to wear immediately to a big event you have coming up. But it’s best to test it out a few times in different lighting scenarios before there’s photographic evidence you made the wrong bronzer choice. Mistake #5: USING A BRONZER WITH Too much shimmerUnless that’s the look you’re going for, avoid bronzers where you can see visible glitter flecks. Instead, look for bronzers with a satin or matte finish.Mistake #6: Skipping the neck & chestBring that bronzer down to your neck and chest for a more cohesive look. Mistake #7: Not blending enough (or blending too much)It’s a tricky balance to achieve, but a little practice makes perfect!Watch this video to hear professional makeup artist Nikki La Rose and Susan Yara discuss these bronzer makeup mistakes in detail, and learn how to apply bronzer the right way.

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