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Welcoming a new cat to the house is an experience many can’t express in words. They add joy to our lives and give us companionship whenever we feel alone. However, to keep them healthy and happy in your house, you need careful preparation before introducing them.
One of the essential aspects of this preparation is getting all the basic supplies to ensure your cats’ comfort in their new environment. Here is a guide that tells you all about it.
So here it goes,
1) Food and Water Bowl
A good food and water bowl for cats offers a comfortable feeding experience to them, apart from promoting healthy eating habits. Also, cats are animals of habit, they like a dedicated space for themselves where they can eat regularly without any disturbance. This creates a routine and reduces all kinds of stress associated with eating. Besides, as cats have a low thirst drive compared to other animals, the water bowl can ensure good hydration in them.
2) High-Quality Cat Food

Investing in high-quality cat foods ensures that your cats’ dietary needs are fulfilled effectively. This is the first step in boosting your cat’s overall health. Also, as cats are obligate carnivores, their diet should primarily consist of meat and fish that supply them with nutrients like protein, fats, essential vitamins, minerals, etc. Dedicated cat food has fewer artificial flavors and preservatives, making it a healthy choice for all breeds.
3) Litter Box and Litter
A cat litter box gives your cat a specific area to urinate and defecate, mimicking their natural tendency to dig and cover their waste. Providing a good toileting space for your cats helps prevent accidents and promotes good elimination behavior. On the flip side, the cat litter you put inside the box helps absorb moisture and eliminate bad odors. Choose a clumping cat litter if you want to scoop the waste easily and a non-clumping cat litter if you want better odor control and absorbency.
4) Scratching Posts
Scratching is a natural behavior of all cats. It helps them maintain a healthy paw and mark their territory through the scent glands in their paws. This is why all house cats must have a designated scratching post. Without it, they may use your furniture or other household items to fulfil their instinctive need to claw, which is undesirable.
Moreover, scratching posts are excellent as they are an excellent outlet for releasing pent-up energy in the cats. They keep your cats engaged and help prevent anxiety when you are not around the house.
5) Comfortable Bed
Cats are creatures of comfort, and they like a relaxing place that is warm and cozy. A comfortable cat bed fulfills their need and helps reduce their stress and anxiety. Besides, a cat bed also offers insulation in winter, especially benefitting older cats who are prone to arthritis and joint pain. Cats need privacy, and a dedicated space can offer them a sense of ownership, particularly in a house with children.
6) Cat Toys
Providing your dogs with engaging cat toys satisfies their instinctive nature to hunt and play as if in the wild. For instance, a toy like a string cat toy makes your cat stalk, pounce, and run as these toys have a motor that makes them move. This stimulates the predatory behavior in cats and gives them the physical and mental exercise they need daily. Cat toys benefit senior cats as they maintain muscle tone, agility, and good coordination.
7) Grooming Supplies
Grooming supplies are necessary to maintain excellent health and well-being in cats. For example, a cat brush or a comb helps remove loose fur, prevents the risk of matting hair, and reduces the formation of hairballs. It also stimulates blood flow to their skin, promoting a healthy skin and radiant coat. Cat shampoos are another important grooming supply that protects your cat’s skin from dirt and other irritants. You also need good nail clippers to cut your cat’s nails regularly, as overgrown cat nails can snag on objects, leading to pain, discomfort, or even injury them.
8) Cleaning Supplies
Cats are naturally clean animals and will get distressed if their environment becomes smelly and dirty. This is where an accessory like Odour and Stain remover comes in handy. They eliminate all lingering smells around your house and keep the home refreshed. After spraying, it also prevents your cat’s urge to urinate in the same spot. Another important cleaning supply for cats is the pet wipes.
9) Cat Crates
Cats have a little stubbornness to their side, which can make it difficult for you to take them to places. A good cat crate helps you to solve this problem. With a cat crate, you can safely take your cat to the vet, a friend’s place, or even your vacation spot without jumping to escape. Besides, cats are territorial animals who can get anxious in unfamiliar places. A crate that is familiar to them can provide them with a sense of security while traveling.
In Sum,
By gathering these 9 essential cat supplies, you are well-prepared to take care of almost all the needs of your beloved cat. Also, remember to take your cat for a regular vet check-up to ensure they are free of any illnesses and stay healthy. Give your cats lots of love and care, and they will quickly become a cherished family member.

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