A Dog Stuck In A ‘Concrete Prison’ Cried-Out To Woman Walking Near

A woman was walking in a desolate area when she heard a dog barking hysterically nearby. She ran towards the distress calls and saw that the pup was stuck in a large concrete ditch. The dog was afraid and likely hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink in a long while. The woman couldn’t hesitate and prepared herself for a rescue. She went home and grabbed a can of food and a dog leash. Once she came back and was close enough to jump down, the woman realized that the ‘concrete prison’ the dog was stuck in was likely the foundation of a house or building that was never built.

The woman made her way closer to the dog, who then backed herself into a wall. The dog was unsure of the woman’s intentions, so she shook and barked. The woman noticed she had a tattered red collar on with a tag attached. She had some food with her and placed it in her hand. She reached out, hoping to entice the terrified pup.
The kind woman had never seen the dog before, but soon the dog’s entire story would be revealed. The dog was starving and came close to the woman so she could eat. The woman could finally put a leash on her and get her out of there! The dog had settled down considerably and even let her new human friend pet her head. It was time to get out of there!
The dog followed the woman as they neared the concrete wall. The woman lifted the dog up and then climbed up herself. Now safely in the car, the woman took the pup to the vet clinic to have her checked out. What the woman discovered next is incredible! See how it all turns out by watching the heartwarming rescue video below.
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