Among 398 Dogs In ‘Fake Rescue Group,’ Skinny Boxer Begs To Be Saved

When The Animal Pad, a non-profit animal rescue organization, received a call about a hoarding situation involving 398 dogs, they immediately sprang into action. The rescuers arrived at the scene to find dogs in deplorable conditions, malnourished, and desperately in need of help. The hoarding situation had been disguised as a rescue facility to collect donations, but the dogs were never taken care of properly. With the help of the police, The Animal Pad team began the massive rescue operation. They documented every dog present and provided them with much-needed food, love, and attention.

The dogs were overjoyed to see their rescuers and finally receive some care. As the rescue operation continued, the team set out a call for fosters and other rescue organizations to come and help save these dogs’ lives. Thanks to the overwhelming response, the last 100 dogs were moved to a better facility, where they would receive proper care and find loving foster homes.
Among the 398 dogs, one dog named Iris stood out to the rescuers. She was incredibly skinny and seemed to connect with the team right away. Iris’s sweet face and loving nature tugged at the rescuers’ hearts, and they knew they had to find her a foster home.
Iris’s journey to finding a loving home was a bittersweet one. Although she had not found a foster home yet, her day finally came when a family with two little kids took her in. Iris was overjoyed to have found a loving home and expressed her gratitude to her new family.
In her new foster home, Iris spent the holidays with her family, knowing she would never be hungry or alone again. She has become one of the happiest dogs, enjoying her new life filled with love, care, and attention.
Soon, Iris found her forever home with a new mom. Her heartbreaking beginnings were left behind for good. Iris is thriving! She’s living her best life thanks to The Animal Pad, her foster family, and her new mama. We are forever grateful.
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