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Who doesn’t like to attend parties? After a longggg tiring day or week, we really want to look our best and spend the evening with the people we love! The moment our whatsapp rings about the friday evening party, we leave everrryyything and just rush to getting ready! From applying makeup to wearing that cute short dress, that entire venture of getting ready has its own sweet time! While we love to apply makeup to our face, what about the body? You must have heard about the various hacks about DIYing your body lotion with highlighter, and applying, or those heavy shimmer oils in the market. Things tend to get really messy with such DIYs, with a hanging promise about longevity, and as far as those body oils are concerned, they are extremely heavy, and tend to leave a stain on your clothes. We are positive that you don’t want that, but worry not! We have just come up with a solution!.
The world of beauty is ever-emerging, and one such beauty trend is a Shimmer Spray. This magical elixir promises to give you a radiant glow, so that you feel like a golden goddess all day long.

But Exactly What Is A Body Shimmer Spray? And Why Is It A New Beauty Staple?

The whole idea of adding shimmer and sparkle to the body originated from Greek and Egyptian Ancient Civilisations that have sought out their way to make their bodies glow. They were known to use crushed powder and gemstones to adorn their bodies, which made them look ethereal. Fast forward to the 21st century, the beauty industry is now up with Body Shimmer Sprays, but many of them tend to feel either heavy, or sticky upon application. Some of them even result in staining or transfer on clothes and that is how TNW, decided to take up this problem, and come up with a desirable solution! TNW – The Natural Wash’s Way to Glow Body Shimmer Spray is a non sticky, extremely light, and non transferable body spray that easily dispenses the shimmer and sparkle to your arms, legs, and decolletage to create a radiance that would catch the light and make heads turn. It has very finely milled shimmer particles suspended in a liquid base, which can be sprayed onto the skin to achieve a luminous sheen.
What Are the Various Benefits of a Body Shimmer Spray?

GLOWING SKIN: The primary benefit of the body shimmer spray is (ofcourse) to give a glowing skin. The fine shimmer particles reflect the light, giving a soft focus effect that blurs imperfection and creates an overall radiant look. Not only this, this shimmer spray is infused with Honey and Aloe Vera Extracts that hydrate the skin for lit – from – within glow!1. Enhanced Contours

If you are someone who has sweated out in the gym and really wants to show off that perfectly toned legs and decolletage, this body shimmer spray is going to do that for you. Spray generously on the desired areas, let it dry, and you’re good to go! This shimmer spray contains vetiver water that keeps the skin cool and hydrated for longer duration. 2. Instant Glamour

You don’t need a crash course on how to use a body shimmer spray, or be extremely equipped with some tools to get a great look. Just spray generously on exposed body parts and trust us! You don’t really need anything else! You are ready to rock the party in just a few sprays.

How to Use a Body Shimmer Spray for Full and Long Lasting Results?

Still confused about the usage? We totally get you, while it may look like an easy product to deal with, initially it might get tricky. Hence, here are some steps, tricks, and tips that may help you to achieve that flawless, goddess like look!
1. Prep Your Skin
For best results, it is important to keep your skin clean and well prepared before using a Body Shimmer Spray. It is advised to exfoliate your skin beforehand, as it provides a smooth canvas for shimmer particles to settle down upon. TNW’s Brightening Body Scrub gently exfoliates the skin to reveal brighter, healthy looking, and glowing skin. TNW’s Body Brightening Serum is just a cherry on the top for a shot of extra nourishment. You can buy these here:

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2. Apply on Moisturized Skin
For shimmer particles to adhere properly and give a natural, my skin but better finish, it is important that the skin stays nourished and moisturised before the application of Body shimmer spray. Hydrated and moisturised skin helps shimmer particles to disperse properly and not adhere to dry patches.
You can use TNW’s Avocado Body Lotion to moisturise your skin. The avocado butter in the lotion helps nourish your skin without the greasy after feel, preparing a smooth canvas for the body shimmer spray.You can buy TNW’s Avocado Body Lotion here:

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3. Shake Well Before Use

Shimmer particles tend to settle down at the bottom, hence it is important to shake the product properly to ensure that shimmer particles are evenly distributed in the liquid base.
4. Control the Intensity

Did you know? You can control the density and intensity of the shimmer by just keeping the bottle away at an appropriate length? If you wish for a subtle glow, it is suggested to keep the bottle far away. If you are looking for an intense glow, you can keep the bottle closer to yourself.5. Do Not Spray Too Much

While it may be the most pleasurable feeling to see your body glow, overdoing it will look absolutely disastrous, and opposite of the desirable effect. Applying too much may make your skin greasy, and will give a chunky, glittery appearance that you might not be aiming for.
6. Set the Shimmer:
We do so much to set our face makeup, but we have to lock in the body makeup too. For the shimmer spray you must have applied near the face, i.e. Decolletage and collar bones. You can set it with TNW’s Set and Slay Setting Spray.You can buy TNW’s Set and Slay Setting Spray here:
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All in all, body shimmer spray is an absolutely magical product that beholds the power to transform your look. Whether you are preparing for a special event, or just simply going out for brunch! This Body Shimmer Spray by TNW offers the perfect solution Embrace your inner radiance and feel the goddess glow with this body shimmer spray. Get yours and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures!

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