An ‘Adorably Awkward’ Puppy Proudly Shows Off His Mouth Full Of Braces

A six-month-old Golden Retriever puppy named Wesley is experiencing relief from dental discomfort with the help of braces. The Harborfront Hospital for Animals located in Spring Lake, Michigan, shared images on Facebook showing Wesley sporting his new braces. The post, which quickly garnered over 270,000 shares, highlighted February as National Pet Dental Health Month, emphasizing the significance of maintaining the dental well-being of pets. Wesley is owned by Molly Moore, whose father, Dr. James Moore, operates as the veterinarian at the clinic and is affectionately referred to as a “doggie dentist.”

Molly Moore shared with ABC News the difficulties Wesley faced before getting his braces. She explained, “He was struggling to close his mouth completely, had difficulty chewing, and he began to lose interest in his toys due to discomfort. This also led to weight loss since eating became a challenge for him.”
The braces were fitted onto Wesley on February 19, and they were expected to be removed shortly after, as per Moore’s statement. Moore noted that Wesley’s behavior remained unchanged, except for the removal of his toys to prevent any damage to the braces. “He doesn’t seem to notice much difference and is just as playful as he’s always been,” she commented.
She further mentioned that her father, Dr. Moore, frequently handles “unique cases” in his veterinary practice, specializing in various dental and orthodontic treatments for dogs. A spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association emphasized to ABC News the critical link between dental health in dogs and their overall health.
They stated, “Veterinary dentistry encompasses a wide range of procedures including cleaning, adjusting, filing, extracting, and repairing teeth, alongside comprehensive oral healthcare. Effective veterinary dentistry requires a deep understanding of several fields including anatomy, anesthesiology, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, radiology, neurology, medicine, and surgery, all integral parts of a veterinarian’s training.”
Taking care of your dog’s teeth should be a top priority, but we must admit, we were not expecting to see this! What do you think about Wesley’s braces?

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