Aussie Puppy Lets Go Of ‘Broken Spirit’ In Man’s Reassuring Arms

Lee Asher, founder of The Asher House, is no stranger to helping animals in need. His organization has been dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming countless dogs. Oftentimes, these pups are special cases and need rehabilitation from past experiences. In this remarkable instance, Lee encountered a severely traumatized Australian Shepherd who needed his help more than ever. The six-month-old Aussie was found pressed up against a wall, trying to make herself as small as possible to avoid human contact. Her behavior suggested that she had suffered abuse and was terrified of people.

There was not much known about her history, but Lee was determined to help her overcome her fears and learn to trust again. Initially, Lee decided to keep the puppy, now named Lady, separate from the other dogs in his care. He began by gently massaging her and showing her that not all humans would hurt her. Gradually, she started to respond positively to his touch, moving her paw and even beginning to look for him when he was not around.
To help Lady feel safe and secure, Lee introduced her to some of the other dogs at The Asher House. He wanted her to have the freedom to choose how much she wanted to engage with the other pups and to have a safe space to retreat to when she felt overwhelmed or scared. When she felt threatened, she would run back into her kennel – or her fort – for comfort.
The process of integrating Lady with the entire pack of dogs at The Asher House was a beautiful sight to behold. Some dogs were ‘hyper-focused’ on her because she was new, but the overall interaction was positive. Lee was overjoyed to see her beginning to trust again. As the Australian Shepherd continued to make progress, she even started following Lee around and became more comfortable in her surroundings. She was beginning to play and enjoy herself, finally experiencing the life she was meant to have.
In the end, Lee’s patience, love, and determination paid off. The once terrified and traumatized Aussie transformed into a happy and trusting dog, full of puppy vigor. With the help of The Asher House, she was given a second chance at life, free from the pain and fear she had previously known.
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