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Apr 13, 2022
Since the inaugural season in 2021, Austin FC and Austin Pets Alive! have partnered up to showcase eligible dogs as honorary Austin FC mascots at each regular-season home match.
The first-of-its-kind partnership features APA! dogs through social media outreach and in-venue activations during each match at Q2 Stadium, all in support of Austin’s status as the country’s largest “no-kill” city and the promotion of APA!’s rescue, adoption, foster, and volunteerism efforts through this unique community platform. Last year, all 18 of the honorary mascots were adopted into loving homes, and many more will be adopted this year!

February 26, 2022: Gavin – ADOPTED!
Austin FC presented the first Honorary Mascot of the club’s second season: Gavin! Gavin is a sweet labrador retriever mix who arrived at Austin Pets Alive! after likely being hit by a car. Gavin’s jaw was reattached and his back legs were injured but that hasn’t stopped this friendly pup from now running around with his custom wheelchair.

Gavin is one year old and loves other playful dogs just as much as he loves snuggling on the couch. Gavin is ready to be adopted from Austin Pets Alive! and go home with his new best friend.

March 6, 2022: Kenneth – ADOPTED!
We are thrilled to announce that the second Austin FC Honorary Mascot is Kenneth! Kenneth is a loveable three-year-old heartworm-positive dog who was looking for a loving home. If you are looking to meet the cuddliest couch potato, look no further than Kenneth (or Kenny as his fosters call him).
Kenny is just one of the sweetest pups. Throughout the day, he’ll come up to his fosters, look up with his beautiful hazel eyes and quietly ask for petting. He loves attention from his humans but is also independent enough to wander off to somewhere on his own once he is satisfied.

March 20, 2022: Rose – ADOPTED!
Austin FC presents the latest Honorary Mascot from Austin Pets Alive!: Rose! This one-year-old playful and happy dog is ready to find her forever home. Rose was shot as a puppy and suffered a spinal injury. She doesn’t let that prevent her from running around any park or yard with her custom-built wheels.
Rose gets along well with other dogs and cats. Her favorite thing to do is chase a tennis ball around and snuggle up with you!

April 10, 2022: Lance – ADOPTED!
Meet Austin FC’s latest Honorary Mascot from Austin Pets Alive!: Lance! Lance is a three-year-old lab mix who loves nothing more than to make himself comfortable in your lap. He is completely deaf, but that doesn’t stop him from playing just as well as the rest of the dogs!
The Austin FC community really showed just how amazing and inclusive they are in their appreciation of Lance, with some of them even greeting him in sign language.

April 23, 2022: RayRay – ADOPTED!
The most recent Austin FC Honorary Mascot, RayRay, was adopted! This sweet pup came to Austin Pets Alive! in 2019 after APD received a call that he was abandoned in a home (his previous family moved out and left him behind) – he was taken to Austin Animal Center and they called Austin Pets Alive!. RayRay went to an adoptive home but that owner returned RayRay when she had to move. In the past two months, RayRay has made appearances at SXSW and as the most recent Austin FC Honorary Mascot. We are excited to announce that an Austinite named Amylynne met RayRay and adopted him! Amylynne says RayRay’s favorite things are “walks, sunbathing, napping, and cuddles!”This season, RayRay is the first Honorary Mascot to be adopted! Stay tuned to meet the next Austin FC Honorary Mascot on May 8th!

May 8, 2022: Marla – ADOPTED!
Marla is a major fan of people, and you’ll instantly become a major fan of hers! She enjoys her daily morning walks and loves to sniff everything she sees. But she especially wants to meet people. She’s curious about all the folks who walk by and wants to pull toward them to say hi. She’s excited to see one who’s already a friend, and she wants everyone to be her new buddy. She loves being near everyone and getting their attention – adults and children alike.

May 22, 2022: Jaysus – ADOPTED!
Jaysus is a smart, energetic pup who’s ready to please you. Jaysus is quite the gentleman. He is easygoing, fully house-trained, crate-trained and knows how to politely let you know what he needs.
Jaysus is happy to stay quietly by his human’s side while they’re working from home or out in the yard. While his human is away, he is quite content to occupy himself with his toys or a nap and will patiently wait for them to return.
He’s a true Austinite with a lot of enthusiasm and zest who loves his daily walks, playing hard at dog parks and going out on hiking trails. He falls head over heels in love with every human he meets. He just expects some praise and pets from everyone. In return, he smothers them with kisses and happy tail wags.

June 25, 2022: Lunchbox- ADOPTED! TEST
Introducing Lunchbox, a handsome 8-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is ready to become your best friend! Lunchbox (nicknamed Boxy for his cute little tank-like body) is a sweet gentleman who has a playful side.
Lunchbox is completely house-trained, does great on walks after his initial excitement, and if you give him a toy he will love to chew on it! After a few treats, he will go into his crate and sleep through the whole night like a baby.
Lunchbox was in APAs! Canine Good citizen program and so far, he knows “sit,” “down,” “stay” and is making great progress on “crate” and “gentle.” He is very affectionate when new people visit and has the cutest “sploot” when he lies down! Lunchbox really loves his humans and loves to be around them as much as possible, so a family who is home
more often, or willing to work with him to slowly get him familiar with being home alone, would be best!

July 12, 2022: Banana Split – ADOPTED!
If you’re looking for a devoted cuddle bunny, Banana Split is your girl! This very affectionate puppy will greet you by jumping up, hugging you and wrapping her paws around you. She loves to snuggle up with you, giving you kisses – and more hugs. In return, she hopes you’ll jiggle her paws, give her a little nose rub and lots of petting.
Now in foster, Banana likes seeing other dogs on her walks, sniffing and wagging her tail excitedly. At home, she plays with her fosters’ two dogs. One is a grumpy old boy and she’s learning to respect his boundaries. This gentle girl also loves playing with her fosters’ 1- and 5-year-old kids and she’s gentle and polite to other kids she sees.
Plus, she’s living with cats, interested in them but never aggressive.
She’s improving her leash walks, strolling beside her foster mom and sometimes plopping down to sunbathe. At home, she loves to chew her toys and, being a puppy, she chews whatever she finds, including cords. Then she’s off to curl up for naps.
This sweet, goofy girl already understands “sit and is learning about “down. She’s doing well in her crate, curling up for a nap and snoozing while her fosters are away. She’s very close to being house-trained. And she’s learning to fetch.
This easy going girl will love a home with someone who’s there a lot and can curl up with her and give her those cuddles and pets she adores. And she’ll enjoy continuing her training. Come meet this adorable girl. She’s ready to warm your heart!

July 24, 2022: Choppa – ADOPTED!
This puppy was found in a laundry basket with his siblings – outside of an animal shelter. They tested positive for parvovirus and were sent to Austin Pets Alive! for lifesaving treatment in the Parvo Puppy ICU. Thanks to the love and care from the Parvo Puppy ICU, Choppa is now healthy and ready to spend many days with his new family!

August 6, 2022: Effie – ADOPTED!
Introducing Effie, a sweet, house-trained adorable young puppy. Effie
is an absolute doll! She has a kind, sweet and gentle personality and
loves belly rubs and snuggling. Every morning when her fosters go
outside with her, she isn’t satisfied until she has said hello to her
neighbors for scratches, belly rubs and a treat.
Effie is smart and a quick learner who loves to please and show off
her new skills. She loves running around with her friends but can be shy
at first until she feels comfortable. Effie enjoys playing with a
neighboring dog in the yard and dogs at the dog park. This means she can
live in a house with other dogs.
Her favorite activity is putting her paws around you and letting you
know how much she loves you. She’s the total package: smart, funny,
sweet and empathetic. A wonderful little puppy soul and personality who
will make the best pet to her forever family.

August 13, 2022: Isabelle – ADOPTED!
Isabelle is a loving and playful girl who will give you kisses and
snuggle with you on the couch. She will sit for treats if asked. All she
wants to do is get love from her human.
Isabelle loves meeting new people and will make sure they give her
plenty of pets! Now in foster care, she behaves well when she’s home
alone, just sitting on the couch and waiting for her foster parents to
come back. She’s a house-trained girl who stands by the door to show she
wants to go outside.
This sweetie can be somewhat intimidated and aggressive with other
dogs and cats, so she hopes to be the only pet in a home. Come meet this
girl. Offer her a couch snuggle and she’ll follow you home!

September 17, 2022: Dustin – ADOPTED!
Dustin is a 3 and a half year old lab mix who has a hard time deciding what he wants to do most – go on long walks with you or give you all the kisses! This playful boy loves playing catch and running around for hours. Yet he’s also super content with taking naps! He’s wonderful with kids and he’s fully house-trained and can do well with roaming freely. Let’s get Dustin and all his friends out of the shelter and into homes!
October 9, 2022: Sadie – ADOPTED!
Sadie loves to play with her foster and the dogs, and also loves to chew bones and play tug-o-war with stuffed toys and ropes. Then she cuddles in her foster’s lap. She’s also living with cats and is super curious but doesn’t pay much attention to them. In a previous home, she also lived with kids and loved to play with them.
Sadie is an active, adventurous and playful girl even though she’s in a wheelchair. She was hit by a car and now has little use of her back legs. In her wheelchair, she can run around outdoors and enjoys it. She doesn’t use a leash for her walks, but never leaves her person’s side. She’ll always want to be right next to you and your dogs on walks.
At home, Sadie stays in her crate and does great when her foster is away, just excited to see her come back. She is almost house-trained and just needs to be carried outside and held up to potty. Back indoors, she loves being wrapped up in a soft blanket and cuddled in a lap.

October 16, 2022 Listo and Verde – ADOPTED!
Austin FC and Austin Pets Alive! Are excited to introduce you to not but one…but TWO HONORARY MASCOTS…Listo and Verde! These perfect sibling pups are one month old and had parvovirus when they arrived at Austin Pets Alive!…after being tested in the Parvo ICU. They are now healthy and ready to be adopted
October 23, 2022: Alright Alright Alright & Wolffpack – ADOPTED!

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