Austin Pets Alive! | Let’s Scoop the Poop

Sep 01, 2023
We all do it. But we all go about keeping it sanitary in different ways. Humans use flushing toilets, cats keep it classy and bury it or use a litter box. And dogs? Well. Dogs need their mamas and dads to help them out. That’s right. We’re talking about poop.
When it comes to keeping our environment clean and healthy, dog “paw”rents have a responsibility to do a simple act: scoop the poop.
It isn’t glamorous and certainly isn’t fun. But it takes just a few seconds to pick up your dog’s poo and is so important to keeping our environment safe. Dog doo doo is not the same as cow manure, as many may think. It doesn’t offer healthy growth to the grass and in fact, can be pretty damaging. Beyond damaging the grass, letting dog poop sit means that bacteria is seeping into our waterways, causing illness like giardia!
Sure, it’s smelly to deal with and sometimes the consistency can be pretty gross to handle, but we’d rather have a clean environment and healthy waters, so scooping the poop is a small price to pay!
We can #scoopthepoop a few different ways:
The hand-in-bag method: open poop bag, place hand inside, using it like a glove. Pick up that poop without actually coming in contact, then turn the bag inside out as you pull your hand out, safely containing the poop! Find a trash can to throw the bag away — you’re done!Pooper Scooper device: maybe it’s a shovel, maybe it’s a fancy contraption designed specifically for this chore — whatever you use to get the job done!

Thousands of dogs call Austin home — we wouldn’t be one of the best cities in the nation without them, so let’s make sure that we keep our community sparkling by doing the dirty job of scooping the poop!

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