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Aug 05, 2023
We love getting to know the pets while they are at the shelter, but when you take the dog out of the shelter environment, you get to see their personality really blossom!
Jessie and Chris Montoya have had a front row seat witnessing many fosters bloom since 2017. When APA! jumped into action to support the dogs and cats who needed help during hurricane Harvey, many individuals and families joined in, including the Montoyas. This couple knew they could offer their hearts and homes to pets in need and quickly found their niche form of fostering — offering time, space and consistent love to dogs who have some personality quirks that may offer hurdles to finding their loving home. They quickly joined in on our 5-Star Foster Program and the latest dog to benefit from their dedication? Beautiful, fun-loving, 1.5 year old Annette, foster number 12!
Prior to moving into the Montoya household, Annette was offered residency in one of our “tiny cabins,” which are small buildings meant to replicate home life and utilized to support the pets who need to destress from the hustle and bustle of being in a kennel. Having spent a few weeks in her own private suite, she was primed and ready for when The Montoyas let us know they were ready to bring in a new foster — this time, bringing along their own dog Fin, an APA! Alum, to make the choice! Jessie and Fin met Annette on a hot day in mid-July. She immediately showed them how fun, funny and goofy she is. The two dogs clicked instantly and everyone knew that this was the next dog the Montoya family would host. So off to foster Annette went, tail wags and all!
As a young dog, Annette still has some puppy-like behavior to work out, such as getting a handle on her mouthiness and knowing when to contain her zoomies, but she also knows how to chill. She loves to get out on the trail and hike or jog for long distances. She’s also perfectly house trained and does well on her own for an entire work day. And while the stress of the shelter prevented her from enjoying playing with dogs, thanks to this amazing household, we now know that she can thrive with and create a beautiful relationship with other dogs! She loves Fin as evidenced by their long wrestling sessions that end in snuggles!
In just a few short weeks, this sweet girl has grown so much! We’re so proud of her, and grateful for dedicated fosters like Jessie and Chris Montoya. Annette is ready for her adoptive home and The Montoyas are ready to help lucky number 13. Let’s get Annette into an adoptive home so one more dog will have the great privilege of spending time with this amazing family!

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