Austin Pets Alive! | One kitty, Two Legs & a Whole Lotta Love

Feb 02, 2022

Each one of those lives is special but sometimes a little furry friend climbs into our hearts. One of those feline friends is named Jersey Bagel.
When we first met Jersey Bagel it quickly became clear that her back two paws were in serious need of medical care. Jersey Bagel’s paws were terribly infected and the pain quickly became overwhelming for her fragile body. Our vets knew we needed to act quickly. APA! lept into action and after a double amputation, Jersey Bagel wasn’t doing well in the shelter. She stopped eating, drinking and couldn’t seem to relax. We reached out to one of our most committed fosters, Allie Wassel, to help Jersey Bagel transition to a home so she could have the best chance at recovery.
Check out what Allie had to say about her new roommate, Jersey Bagel!
What has been your favorite moment with Jersey Bagel?
When I brought her home, she stretched out on all her blankets and just started purring. She was so clearly happy to be out of the shelter and it was heartwarming to see her so relaxed and comfortable.
Why do you love fostering with APA!?
I remember exactly where I was when I decided to foster her. I was on a plane, and I got a text from a care team member that we were starting to have quality of life talks about Jersey Bagel. Our vets had fixed her feetsies, but she wouldn’t eat in the shelter, wasn’t healing and was absolutely miserable. I frantically reached out that I would foster her as soon as I got home. When I brought her home she immediately started eating and relaxed, she just hated the shelter THAT much. It’s for cats like Jersey Bagel that fostering makes all the difference.

What do you think would have happened to Jersey Bagel without APA!’s help?
Jersey Bagel is FeLV positive (Feline Leukemia Virus), ringworm positive and a double amputee. Therefore, she needed some pretty intense wound care. I padded my entire guest bathroom with blankets, yoga mats and made a special litter box for her “nubs” while they healed. I imagine many other shelters would have euthanized her for simply being FeLV+ before even considering other complications she came with.
(FeLV or Feline Leukemia Virus is often a death sentence in traditional shelters despite cats with FeLV being able to live for many happy years)
How do monthly donations from members help animals like Jersey Bagel have a second chance to thrive?
Your monthly donations make sure that our clinic has the funds to do special surgeries for kitties like Jersey, and all the follow-up medications she was on for weeks. We spent weeks on different medications trying to get her paws better before they had to make the unfortunate call to amputate both her back paws. But I am happy to say that after two months of healing, both her nubbins look great and she is a perfect kitty!
Jersey Bagel is currently available for adoption! If you have the space in your home for this wild girl, please reach out!
By becoming a Constant Companion today, you can help APA! reach our goal of 100,000 lives saved and grow to care for the next 100,000 animals in need. Because if there is one thing we know for sure, there will always be animals in need of our care and our love.

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