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Nov 17, 2022
This is a story about a kitty cat who went on the lamb and is now back in our care, after taunting the staff and volunteers of APA! for over a year! We applaud her efforts, but it is time to get this little lady some medical attention.
When Pancake first arrived at APA!’s main facility, she was clearly pretty scared, making her a flight risk candidate. Fly, she did. Luckily, she stuck around campus, making appearances. For months, the staff and volunteers reported “Pancake sightings.” We even attempted several strategized opportunities to get her back into our hands, with the biggest goal of getting her spayed. We have several “community cats” hanging around our facility – our very own barn cats! We care about this population and want to make sure they receive necessary medical attention so that everyone stays safe and can live a healthy life!
The whole organization has been in on it, for over a year! Here are some highlights from email threads:
“Volunteer just reported seeing them on the roof!”
“I was informed this cat was just spotted under a red car in front of the medical clinic!”
“Operation Ruin Pancake’s Romance”
“After a week long battle….. Pancake wins.”
“Catching Pancake (the Remix)”
The teams have finally found success and are celebrating that this girl officially received her spay surgery and has been released back into the family she created with the other APA! Community Cats. We have the honor of Pancake making her appearances around campus for many years to come!
Our barn cat program supports the cats who prefer the wild frontier. While traditionally seen as “unadoptable” in the sheltering world, our barn cat program has created a way for everyone to live in harmony– community cats get to go about their feral cat lives and those that adopt them receive pest control services for the simple cost of room and board.
Think you need a barn cat or two to support some property you have? Reach out to us – we can fill the order for you!

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