Bridgerton x Bath And Body Works Collaboration Better Not Have Repackaged Scents

Bath and Body Works is hinting at their first collaboration ever and it’s huge. It’s the Bridgerton x Bath And Body Works Collection! Can we just take a moment to squeal and jump around in circles? Yes, it’s true, they’ll be an upcoming Bath and Body Works Bridgerton Collection featuring bath, body, candles, and wallflowers in five fragrances. I just have one thing to say and that would be, these better not be repackaged scents or I’ll need to sit down with Bath and Body Works and have a little chat.
The fragrances will be (I only have the notes for one of the fragrances as more info becomes available I will update):

Diamond of the Season (sparking peach, daffodil, radiant jasmine)
Bridgerton Study
Wisteria Garden
Charlotte’s Tea
Danbury Shortbread

Sign me up for a little tea and shortbread thanks ever so much! Considering this launch will likely coincide with the third season of Bridgerton that premieres in May 16th I imagine these a few of these scents will be very Spring floral. Update: Early access begins tomorrow, March 13th, on the Bath and Body Works My Rewards App. I thought for sure that Pat Mcgrath was teasing us with a Bridgerton III Makeup Collection during the Holidays but looks like Bath and Body Works beat Mother to the punch!

Plenty of rumors are circulating about the collection since Bath and Body Works teased everyone but the solid info coming through is this collection will indeed feature items across a few categories which makes it a pretty exciting launch. I have to say, to my knowledge, I’ve never seen Bath and Body Works do any sort of collaboration in the past. Are they about to enter a new era of marketing? Will this be a Lush-like event where they are teaming up with other movies and TV shows in the future to create fun little collaborations. We all know Lush has done a few already like Mario Brothers, Sponge Bob, and Barbie which is very off brand for them. Is Bath and Body Works going to dive into the same?
I do know one very important thing and that’s that Bridgerton x Bath And Body Works Collaboration is going to sell out fast especially because of the way they are launching it. The Bridgerton x Bath And Body Works Collection arrives on the My BBW Rewards app first. Typically, when they do an app launch items sell out quickly. Hopefully, I’m wrong about the popularity of this launch but I noticed select Halloween items sold out mighty fast when they used this type of app exclusive type first type of launch! Either way, I’ll have my clicking fingers ready when the Bath and Body Works Bridgerton Collection lands on the app tomorrow!
What do you think of this very exciting launch?
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