Can Losing Weight Make Your Face More Attractive?

For many individuals, the prospect of fitting into smaller-sized clothes serves as a greater motivation to shed weight than the thought that doing so could prevent heart attacks and so many other lifestyle-related diseases. But individuals who lose weight for either reasons also find that shedding extra fat also brings a lot of change to their faces! The most significant takeaway from weight loss is the notable boost in confidence, as people often express feeling better about themselves. But does your face become more attractive when you lose a lot of weight? Let’s find out:

Studies say, people need to lose anywhere from 6 to 9 kgs before other people notice a change. But then you can start seeing changes on the face with just 4 kgs of fat drop. Assuming you lose weight on a healthy and nutritious diet, your hair and skin texture would also improve. Rati Beauty diet plans have been designed with this approach in mind, aiming to enhance hair and skin texture as well. Subscribe to the Rati Beauty diet to access all our tailored plans. Also read: “9 Expert Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.”
Interestingly, a study done by researchers showed that a loss in weight of about 6.3 kg for women and 8.2 kg for men made the faces of participants in the study more attractive. Here are some of the reasons why that could happen. Also read: “10 Weight Loss Tips You Can Stick To Forever.”
1. Weight loss can help you get rid of double chin, which basically is caused by excess fat deposits on the chin and neck area. Losing this fat can help get rid of double chin completely.
2. Loss of facial adiposity coupled with exercise can help you reveal jawline and sharpen up facial features.
3. Shedding of weight coupled with regular exercise, even with walking, can increase blood circulation to the face and add a wonderful glow to the skin.
4. Water retention, bloating, and inflammation can cause puffiness of the face, but with weight loss, inflammation comes done and the reduction in intake of salt and sugar coupled with a nutrient-rich diet can help get rid of the water retention and inflammation.
Summing up, the best thing about losing weight is not limited to just physical changes, it has amazing benefits overall health, significantly cutting down the risk of life-threatening diseases. And oh, did we mention, research also shows that with just 10% decrease in body fat, you can almost say bye to snoring!
10 Weight Loss Tips You Can Stick To Forever9 Expert Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

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