Cat is Reliving Her Days as a Kitten After She was Taken off the Streets and Had Her Last Litter

A cat is reliving her days as a kitten after she was taken off the streets and had her last litter.Smooch the cat and her kittensBestFriendsFelinesA couple came across a friendly cat who had been abandoned outside. The cat was very affectionate, begging them for attention.They couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the cat to fend for herself, so they brought her in. It wasn’t long before they realized she was pregnant, evidenced by her growing belly.Hoping to get the expectant mom the care she needed, they contacted their local animal rescue, Best Friends Felines, for assistance.A couple rescued her from the streets and discovered she was pregnantBestFriendsFelinesThe cat, named Smooch, arrived at the rescue with her tail held high and quickly warmed up to new faces. She immediately relaxed in a foster room, stretching and lounging comfortably, feeling perfectly at home.Two weeks later, Smooch brought a litter of five tiny furballs into the world.She gave birth to a litter of five kittens in foster careBestFriendsFelinesThe kittens were in perfect health, born in a cozy, warm nest, far from the elements of the outdoors.Smooch tackled mommy duties head-on, nursing, cleaning, and catering to her babies’ every whim. Her carers ensured that she was well replenished throughout the day and that her kittens were on track with their development.She was a wonderful cat momBestFriendsFelinesIn true Smooch fashion, her eyes lit up when her carers entered the room. She greeted them with the sweetest kisses and snuggles before rushing back to the cries of her demanding five.”Smooch was the perfect mother to her kittens. They continued to grow, including Smooch, as she was only around eight months old,” the rescue shared.BestFriendsFelines”Ruthie and Gemmy, playful and busy girls, want to know everything that is happening and enjoy running around with their big foster siblings.”Dutton, Jaffa, and Clarence are all very vocal boys, into mischief and trying to keep up with the big kitties but needing to rest in between.”Jaffa and ClarenceBestFriendsFelinesWhen the kittens could eat independently and were less reliant on their mom, Smooch started spending longer periods away from them, doing what she loved.She was ready to embark on a new chapter in her life.Clarence and DuttonBestFriendsFelines”When she first arrived, she was extremely underweight despite being heavily pregnant. Having babies so young took its toll on her tiny frame.”After several months of high-quality food, she has gained some much-needed weight.”BestFriendsFelinesSmooch has really filled out, and her fur has become soft and gleaming.She is relieved to have finished raising her last litter and is starting to play like a kitten again. “She is the sweetest girl, and her name says it all. She gets on well with the other cats in her foster home.”She’s gained some much-needed weightBestFriendsFelinesSmooch enjoys a spacious catio with other foster kitties, where she can observe little critters safely, feel the fresh air and smell various scents of nature.”She is reliving her kitten-hood and is loving playing without a care in the world, which is just beautiful to see.”Her coat is fluffier than everBestFriendsFelinesAfter being left on the streets and having a litter at just eight months old, Smooch is back to being a playful, adventurous young cat, living each day to the fullest.She’s playing like a kitten againBestFriendsFelinesShare this story with your friends. More on Smooch the cat (in Bonogin, AU) and Best Friends Felines on Instagram and Facebook.Related story: Kitten Comes to Vet Clinic for Help and Ends Up Running the Place Like a Boss

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