‘Cat Killer’ Scarlet Blake Charged With Murder

Scarlet Blake, 26, has been convicted of the murder of 30-year-old Jorge Martin Carreno in Britain. The murder took place in Oxford in July 2021, after Blake had previously livestreamed the gruesome killing of a cat. Oxford crown court heard how Blake took Carreno to a secluded riverbank, attacked him, and ultimately left him to drown in the River Cherwell.
Scarlet Blake livestreamed herself killing a cat
Months before the murder, Blake livestreamed herself engaging in a disturbing act of violence against a cat. The video showed Blake killing, dissecting, and then blending the body of the animal, while a song played in the background — an homage to a Netflix documentary about a killer who targeted cats and eventually committed murder. This act showcased Blake’s violent tendencies and her fixation on death and harm.
Blake, formerly known as Alice Wang, is transgender — per The Guardian. She demonstrated a troubling interest in violence that extended from the killing of the cat to the murder of Carreno. Prosecutors painted a picture of a person who got sexual gratification from such acts of violence, including a video presented to the jury of Blake performing a dangerous act on her partner.
On the night of Carreno’s murder, CCTV captured Blake, donned in a heavy jacket and mask, seemingly in search of a victim. Despite claiming to be out for a walk due to insomnia, evidence, including her possession of what appeared to be a murder kit, indicated a premeditated attack. Blake tried to mislead the court with explanations about her mental state and interactions. She even made an unusual claim of identifying partially as a cat, and also “miaowed” at the jury.
“With friends I know quite well who are aware of this part of me, I miaow at them in greeting,” said Blake.

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