Cat Reunited With Family After Car Crash

A Pennsylvania cat has been reunited with his family after more than three weeks, reports Fox News. Rooster, a Russian Blue cat, went missing after a crash that took place last month on a highway in Minnesota. At the time, Rooster was in the car with his owner, Becca Huss, who sustained “non-life threatening injuries.” The feline fled the scene following the accident.
Cat found by a Good Samaritan
Rooster, or Roo, was found roaming around Monticello, Minnesota, by a Good Samaritan, Matt, 24 days after the car collision. Huss’ mother, Sharon, said someone reached out to them earlier this week, saying a cat was trapped in Monticello who matched Roo’s description.
The feline was later taken to a vet, following which he was identified as Rooster, thanks to his microchip. “He has a broken tooth and is dehydrated, lost some weight, but better than I expected,” Sharon said during an interaction with FOX 9. According to Fox News, Sharon stayed back in Fargo for a few more days to help her daughter find her cat.
Huss was devastated after Roo disappeared following the car collision. “I haven’t been able to move past the accident without Roo,” she said. “But now I finally feel like I have some closure with him home.”
Continuing, she added, “I still have some doctor appointments, but my heart is healed with him home.” Huss also expressed her gratitude to Matt and the community members for helping her reunite with her beloved pet. “If it weren’t for everyone, I don’t think I would have my baby boy home,” she said.
Huss and her family are delighted to be reunited with their feline friend, with Sharon describing the incident as “a miracle.” She added, “He not only survived an accident with a tractor trailer, but sub-zero temperatures and 24 days on his own.”
She further said she hopes her family’s heartwarming story provides solace to people with missing pets. “It’s an up-and-down, day-to-day ride of emotions.”

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