Cat Spent Three Years to Find the Perfect Home and a Kitten to Be His Lifelong Friend

A cat spent three years to find the perfect home and a kitten to be his lifelong friend.BennettNadijaAbout three years ago, Bennett was a tiny kitten at a county shelter, the only one from his litter needing a home.He was the runt and weighed less than two pounds. He was wary and had his guard up from the start. Nadija, a volunteer for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, took him in and began working on socializing him.”This little man was not the biggest fan of me, regardless of how hard I tried to win him over,” Nadija shared.Baby BennettNadijaWhen Bennett was with other kittens, he seemed more at ease and curious. Watching other fosters play and interact with people motivated him to try new adventures. Slowly but surely, he came around.”He was such a sweet, curious, playful guy that loved all his kitty friends, even the grumpy cat, Marbles.”Baby Bennett and his foster friendNadija”After being so afraid of me for so long, Bennett and I became good friends. He loved to hang out with me while I cleaned the foster room and followed me all over.”Bennett blossomed into a handsome young cat with a soft, sleek coat, no longer the runt he once was. A few months later, he went to his new home, thinking it would be his forever.NadijaFast forward to July last year, Bennett, who was all grown up, was returned to the rescue due to an unfortunate situation (no fault of his own or his adopters).He was lost and confused when he was back in foster care and didn’t want to be near anyone. Nadija gave him the time and space he needed to decompress.Bennett was returned to the rescue in July last yearNadijaTwo days later, Bennett’s attitude started to shift. “He allowed me to clean his room without hissing and give him food and fresh water. He even enjoyed some treats and overall looked more relaxed.”When he leaned in for chin scratches and offered sandpaper kisses, he was back to being his joyful and snuggly self.Slowly but surely, he came out of his shellNadijaBennett was ready to find a place of his own, but not without a friend. He quickly became a big brother to other fosters, cleaning their faces and showering them with cuddles. The kittens put him at ease and made him feel loved.Around that time, Nadija took on a trio of tuxedos found in a dumpster. The runt of the litter, Rose, had an infected eye and was significantly smaller than her littermates.RoseNadijaWith proper treatment and good nutrition, her eye improved, and her energy levels soared. “She was always purring and wanted to be in my lap and could hold her own against her bigger sisters.”When Bennett met the trio, Rose came bounding up to him as if she knew he needed a friend. “She spent a lot of time napping with Bennett. She is playful but not as crazy as her sisters and loves to snuggle.”Rose and her sisters were found in a dumpsterNadijaAbout six months after he was returned, a wonderful family came across his story.They fell head over heels for Bennett and decided to open their home to him and another cat to be his lifelong friend. “Even though they were happy to take any kitty that Bennett wanted, we all felt Rose was the perfect fit.”They thrived in foster careNadijaThe pair joined their family two weeks ago, and Rose’s sisters were also adopted together.Rose quickly settled in, romping around the place and demanding snuggles, while Bennett quietly took refuge in a little cat house. “Rose checked on him and assured him it was safe to come out.”Bennett and Rose became best friends and found their forever home togetherTiny Paws FostersBennett and Rose (now Dax) enjoy lounging on the couch, wrapping their arms around each other and filling the space with their harmonized purrs.Both were the runt of their litter, and both needed extra TLC when rescued.Tiny Paws FostersBennett’s heart now feels full with his best friend by his side every day. “I’m so excited for these two to have scored such an amazing home.”Tiny Paws FostersShare this story with your friends. More on Nadija’s fosters on Instagram and AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue @animalluvrsdreamrescue.Related story: Cat Makes Guy His Forever Human by Standing on Him After Waiting Nearly Half a Year for a Home

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