Cat’s Afraid To Leave His Foster Mom’s Grasp Fearing He’ll Be Attacked Again

Meet Winks, a cat with a unique story and a strong will to survive. Found injured outside by a Good Samaritan, Winks was taken to the vet for treatment. The little cat was in rough shape, underweight, and suffering from a lost eye. Thankfully, Winks had a microchip, and the vet was able to contact his owner. However, Winks’ owner made a selfless decision to turn him over to a rescue organization so that he could find a more suitable home. This is where Jess comes in. Jess, a caring individual who brought Winks home to foster, soon discovered that the cat was curious but also anxious.

Winks wasted no time getting to know Jess, and within 20 minutes, he was eager to jump on her shoulders. Jess was initially cautious, not knowing the cat’s behavior, but Winks quickly proved that he just wanted to be close to her. Acting like a parrot, he would jump back on her shoulders whenever she tried to put him down.

While Winks’ complete history remains a mystery, it’s clear that he has had a challenging life. He lost an eye, and he also has FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), which is common in outdoor cats who fight a lot. Jess initially thought Winks was a senior cat due to his rough shape, but he’s actually only three years old.

Since being taken in by Jess, Winks has gained some weight and has become healthier. Despite having only one eye, he is expressive, especially when he shows Jess his gratitude and love. Winks is still not comfortable being out in the open or on the floor, likely due to his past experiences of being chased or attacked.

Winks is a quiet cat who doesn’t meow but loves being close to Jess. At night, he sleeps on the bed with her, either across her neck like a scarf or on her head. Jess is currently fostering Winks. She hopes to work on his confidence so he can find his forever home if he’s receptive. If she kept every cat she fostered, there wouldn’t be room for more. For now, Winks continues to show his gratitude and love for Jess, hugging her and making her feel special.
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