Cats Rescued From Afghanistan Awaiting Adoption in DC

In Washington, D.C., two adorable cats, Solomon and Redding, have found a temporary home at a unique cat cafe. These 9-month-old brothers were rescued from homelessness in Afghanistan by Kabul Small Animal Rescue and are now waiting to find their forever family in the United States.
DC cat cafe hosting two cats rescued from Afghanistan until their adoption
Solomon and Redding’s early life was fraught with challenges, including homelessness and the harsh Afghan winter. Now, safely ensconced at a unique cat cafe in D.C. called Crumbs & Whiskers, they are thriving under the gentle care of cat enthusiasts and cafe patrons alike. Described as playful, vocal, and inseparable by cafe officials, these kittens have quickly become favorites among visitors.
The backstory of Solomon and Redding begins with their mother, found pregnant and in distress in Afghanistan — per 7News. Despite initial fears for her survival, she was rescued by the Kabul Small Animal Rescue and gave birth to six kittens — five boys and one girl. As per the cafe’s Instagram post, the mother, a feral cat, bonded with her daughter and remained in Afghanistan, while the five boys, including Solomon and Redding, were sent to America. Homeward Trails Animal Rescue played a crucial role in their journey to the U.S.
Now in D.C., Solomon and Redding have adapted well, learning to trust and love people again. They are extremely sociable, love playing, and are always eager to share their thoughts with those around them. Solomon has even begun to cuddle with other cats at the cafe, but Redding prefers his brother’s company exclusively. According to officials at Crumbs & Whiskers, the brothers must be adopted together, as they share an unbreakable bond. Redding, who is dramatically attached to Solomon, displays distress when separated from his brother for even short periods.
Interested adopters can visit Crumbs & Whiskers for more information on how to welcome Solomon and Redding into their homes.

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