Checking In: A Spa-Themed Birthday Party | Awesome Kid Gift | Sweet Treat from Trader Joe’s | Cute Dinnerware

“It’s time to spa!”
By far, this tag line I wrote for Connor’s spa-themed birthday party last weekend was the best thing I’ve ever written as a copywriter.

LOL! I’m glad Connor decided to add it to the welcome board she made for her birthday party.
How cool is this neon drawing board, though? Connor got it for her birthday from her nana and grandpa. I kinda want one for myself to have at work, so I can write things like, “Kindly please refrain from asking me questions today.” Or, “Shhhh, speak less.”
If you’ve got to buy a kid a present and they’re into art, I highly recommend it! It’s the Discovery Kids Neon Glow Drawing Easel.
It was a small but sweet party. The girls also ate pizza, cake and snacks, ran around, built a fort and watched a movie. I think they enjoyed it! I know I did.
The spa-themed part of the party was super cute, by the way. I was the “spa technician” for the day, so I painted nails and placed cucumbers and face masks on cute little faces. 🙂

While we’re on the subject of nail polish, for the longest time, the Target near my house had the gnarliest nail polish section.
The displays were always covered in polish, bottles were always in the wrong place, and I swear it seemed like every bottle had been previously opened by, um, enthusiastic testers. It was really gross, so I never bought any nail polish there.

Anyway, I was shocked when I stopped by recently and found clean displays and a relatively well-stocked nail polish section.

Let’s see how long it lasts!
Last week while I was shopping for party snacks at Trader Joe’s, I stumbled onto a new sorbet inspired by one of the distinct flavors of the Philippines, calamansi, which is a citrus fruit that tastes like a hybrid between a Meyer lemon and a mandarin orange.

Trader Joe’s Calamansi & Mango Sorbet is a citrusy treat that’s a little tart, a little sweet and a whole lotta refreshing. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because the calamansi note is very distinct, so if it’s a little bit off it tastes weird, but the flavor is spot on and it tastes like the real thing! Try it if you get the chance.
One last thing before I head out to work. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have a thing for cute dinnerware. A beautifully set table setting makes my heart sing. LOL! I stumbled onto this cute set by Lenox called French Perle Scallop, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’ve had off-white farmhouse-style dishes from Crate & Barrel for a few years now, and while I like how sturdy they are and how their simplicity doesn’t compete with the food on your plate, I’m craving more color in my life.
Organized cabinets give me life.

I hope things on your end are going OK! What’ve you been up to lately?
Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,

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