Couple adopts rescue dog before meeting him. When the door opens to reveal him they ‘lose it’

Every day, countless dogs find themselves in high-kill shelters, facing bleak prospects for adoption. Recognizing this dire situation, Tracy Whyatt took matters into her own hands, driven by her deep compassion for these unloved animals. She founded Tracy’s Dogs, a company dedicated to rescuing and providing a second chance to these vulnerable canines. Through her unwavering commitment and determination,
Tracy strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these deserving animals, offering them hope, love, and the opportunity to find forever homes where they will be cherished and valued.

Image/Story Source Credit: Only Good TV via YouTube Video

racy and her husband, Scott, embark on life-saving journeys, transporting dogs from overcrowded euthanasia facilities in a 32-foot trailer to different states where forever homes await them. They have collaborated with PetSmart, utilizing its locations as rendezvous points for the dogs and their prospective families.
The scene when families meet their new canine companions for the first time is profoundly touching and heartwarming. Crowds form around the trailer in anticipation, and as its doors open, emotions overflow. It’s a new beginning for these fortunate dogs!

Image/Story Source Credit: Only Good TV via YouTube Video
Since launching their initiative in 2011, Tracy and Scott have successfully found homes for more than 3,700 dogs! Without their efforts, the majority of these dogs might not have made it. They’ve established something truly remarkable with Tracy’s Dogs, which undoubtedly merits widespread acclaim and acknowledgment!

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