Dissolvable Microneedle Patch | Anti Aging Skincare Trend

Have you ever wanted to wake up with skin with noticeably fewer wrinkles and a plump, fresh appearance?
What if I told you there was a patch you could put on your skin that improves your skin’s appearance while you sleep?
That’s right, you can achieve flawless skin without having to go through crazy treatments!
Dissolvable microneedle patches are here to save the day.
Microneedle patches have active ingredients in them to maximize their effectiveness. One of these is hyaluronic acid, which hydrates, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and restores cell moisture.
The only potential issue with hyaluronic acid is that its large molecules make it difficult to penetrate the outermost layer of skin by itself.
That’s where dissolvable microneedle patches come in: they create an easier entryway to facilitate maximum absorption of active ingredients.
You might be cautious after hearing the words “needle” and “patch” together, but there is absolutely nothing to fear when it comes to this type of skin treatment.
These patches are painless, risk-free, and effective when it comes to delivering active ingredients deep into the skin to help with wrinkle reduction, under-eye brightening, acne treatment, and more.
After reading this article, you’ll understand why microneedle patches are the newest skin care trend.
Even though dissolvable microneedle patches have recently started trending in the skin care industry, they have actually been around for longer than you may have thought.
In fact, they have been used in the medical industry for years as a way to effectively deliver insulin into the bloodstream of diabetic patients.
Now that same technology is being utilized in the skin care industry, which has opened up many doors for innovative skin treatments.
Let’s take a deeper look at the uses and benefits of dissolvable microneedle patches so you can learn all you need to know about them and stay on top of this current trend!
What’s in this article:

Description of dissolvable microneedle patches and what they do
The difference between derma-rolling and microneedle patches
How to use dissolvable microneedle patches
What to expect after using a dissolvable microneedle patch

Are you ready to learn why these dissolvable microneedle patches are shaking up the skin care industry?
Keep reading to see how these tiny patches can make a world of difference when it comes to your skin —- without any effort on your part!

What are dissolvable microneedle patches and what do they do?
If you’ve never seen or used one of these patches before, you might be picturing something that contains actual needles, but that isn’t the case.
They are actually sticky bandages that contain thousands of dissolvable, cone-shaped microneedles.
Each microneedle is made up of water-soluble content that disintegrates as soon as it comes into contact with the water beneath the skin.
Inside the microneedles are ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and other antioxidants that continue to seep into the skin once they have penetrated the first two dermal layers.
These microneedles are so small they are barely visible to the naked eye.
They are about 50 microns long and 20 microns thick, which is less than the width of a strand of hair.
This means that you won’t feel any pain or experience any bleeding when using these patches.
The microneedles are designed to make punctures that are equivalent to pinpricks on the skin’s surface.
The reason the patches are created this way is that the outermost layer of our skin, known as the stratum corneum, is a barrier composed of tightly packed skin cells and intercellular lipids.
This makes it a great shield to protect vital nutrients inside our bodies from escaping and to prevent environmental toxins from entering.
However, this is bad news for skin care products.
Skin care products are supposed to penetrate through the stratum corneum to reach a deeper layer of skin (known as the dermis).
Some products are able to break through this barrier, but many cannot without some form of penetration enhancer.
Dissolvable microneedle patches are a simple and effective way to improve the delivery of active ingredients deeper into the skin for even better results.
Dissolvable microneedle patches prick the surface of the skin, creating f small ‘tunnels’ for the active ingredients to pass through to the dermis, where they can be most effective.
The most common active ingredients found in dissolvable microneedle patches are hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

What’s the difference between derma-rolling and dissolvable microneedle patches?
If you’re familiar with the skin treatment known as derma-rolling, you might be asking yourself: how are these patches different from that?
Is one better for your skin?
Microneedle patches originate from the process of microneedling, which is a treatment where a derma-roller containing short, fine, stainless steel needles is used to make microscopic punctures on the skin.
This aids in cell renewal increases collagen production and reduces acne because the body reacts to the punctures by activating its wound-healing functions.
Derma-rolling can be done by a professional as an in-office treatment, or at home after consulting your dermatologist and purchasing your own tool.
The difference between microneedling using a derma-roller and a dissolvable microneedle patch is that derma-rollers contain actual stainless steel needles, whereas the patch contains water-soluble micro-darts shaped like cones or needles.
Derma-rollers are also reusable, but the patches are designed for one-time use only.
While these two forms of microneedling promote similar functions for the skin, the dissolvable microneedle patch is considered more hygienic and less invasive than derma-rolling.
Plus, it’s easy and convenient to stick the patches on and wait for them to do all the work overnight rather than taking the time to consult a dermatologist about derma-rolling.
So, to summarize:

Dissolvable microneedle patch

Contains tiny, stainless steel needles
Contains dissolvable micro-darts shaped like cones that hold active ingredients

Can be done by a professional or at home
At-home treatment only

Rollers are reusable and must be sanitized after each use
Patches are disposable after each use

How do I use dissolvable microneedle patches?
Some of the most common uses for dissolvable microneedle patches are: reducing wrinkles, brightening the skin under the eyes, and fighting acne.
For all of these treatments, there are patches that are shaped specifically to work on different areas of the skin.
For under-eye and lines around the mouth, there are patches formed in the shape of a bean that is curved to easily fit around the eye or mouth area.
When it comes to acne treatment, patches can be placed wherever a breakout is occurring.
Whatever area of the skin you plan to target, be sure to cleanse your face first and dry it completely.
Then, gently press the patch into place for about five to ten seconds.
You might experience a slight tingling sensation when you first apply the patch, but this is normal and only temporary.
The enzymes in your body begin to break down the microneedles and distribute the active ingredients while stimulating collagen production.
Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin supple, and we lose our natural stores of it as we age.
You should leave the patch on the skin for at least two hours before removing it.
You’ll actually start to see results immediately— in as little as 20 minutes!
For maximum absorption, leave the patch on overnight for up to 12 hours, then gently remove it when you wake up to reveal smooth, firm, and supple skin!
No need to worry about these patches sliding around or falling off while you sleep.
They will last through the night because of the adhesive grips your skin and stays in place no matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep.
What should I expect after using a dissolvable microneedle patch?
One of the great things about using dissolvable microneedle patches is they are completely risk-free to use on all skin types.
According to this study, dissolvable microneedle patches are well tolerated and easy to use.
Since the solid material from the microneedles is absorbed and broken down by the skin, there is a very low chance of resulting irritation.
You can definitely expect a seamless application and removal process that won’t disrupt your skin any way, regardless of your age or the type of skin you have.
Something else you can expect after using a dissolvable microneedle patch are temporary results rather than long-term solutions.
According to dermatologist Ritu Saini, these patches cannot compete with professional treatments like Botox or fillers that are meant to combat deep wrinkles.
Instead, these patches are great pick-me-ups that you can use whenever you want a little extra pampering and self-care that will give you glowing skin the minute you wake up.
Even if you aren’t experiencing fine lines or breakouts, you can still use dissolvable microneedle patches for a moisture boost and enhanced skin appearance!
Whether you stock up on these patches to use at your next girls’ night in or have a special event the next day that you want your skin to look extra flawless for, you can expect nothing less than a great experience.
Final Thoughts
It’s easy to see why dissolvable microneedle patches have become the newest trend in skin care.
From the medical industry to the skin care industry, it’s safe to say that these patches aren’t going anywhere any time soon.
Hopefully, now you have no reservations about microneedle patches and feel ready to try them out after learning about their benefits and advantages over other forms of skin treatment.
Now could be a perfect time to experiment if you’re getting sick of the same old quarantine routine!
It could be a fun way to shake up your daily skin care regimen, and who couldn’t use a little pick-me-up right now?
After learning everything you need to know about this new skin care trend, hopefully, you’re willing to give it a try and you can be confident that you’re doing something good for yourself and your skin.
Have you tried using dissolvable microneedle patches for skin treatment before? If not, do you think you’ll give them a try now? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts with me!

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