Dog With Closing Airway Went Door-To-Door Begging For Help

Upon receiving an alert from their security camera, a compassionate individual was stunned to discover a dog with a severely swollen head passing by, searching for assistance. Without hesitation, the kind human reached out to a nearby rescue organization, detailing the urgent situation. A rescue team promptly headed to the scene, successfully locating and securing the dog and swiftly transporting her to veterinary care. Upon examination, it was evident that an object embedded in her neck was obstructing blood flow, causing her head to swell. Understanding the urgency, the rescue team knew immediate action was crucial.

The dog, now named Mika, was quickly taken to the emergency room at the veterinary clinic. Remarkably, Mika remained calm throughout her ordeal, seemingly aware she was finally receiving needed care. Performing the surgery was a daunting task, as anesthesia was not an option for Mika. Nonetheless, after six intensive hours, the surgeons managed to remove the obstruction.
The medical team was initially uncertain if the foreign object was a collar or a piece of fabric. Their priority was to alleviate Mika’s distress. Post-removal, they focused on reducing her facial swelling, administering IV fluids for hydration, and treating her with antibiotics for the infection and mange. Following surgery, Mika spent time in an oxygen chamber, breathing easier and beginning her recovery process. Within four days, her condition improved significantly, fostering a newfound trust in those caring for her.
Experiencing genuine affection and care transformed Mika. Her joy was evident, and her gratitude knew no bounds. Among her caretakers, one of the veterinarians, along with their partner, became particularly smitten with Mika’s resilience and happiness.
They decided to welcome her into their home, offering her the loving family she deserved. Now, Mika enjoys a life enriched by love and positive human connections, leaving her traumatic past behind. Her story stands as a testament to the remarkable impact of compassion and teamwork humans can provide to animals in need.
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