Don’t Buy a New Blowdryer Until You Read This

In a world of blow-dry brushes, air wraps, hot brushes, and more, the simple blow dryer has been neglected. And listen, if you love a blow-dry tool that is completely fine! But sometimes there is a need for a standard blow dryer and today I’m breaking down the pros and cons of 5 different top dryers.

The lineup includes…

Rusk Speedfreak, Dyson Supersonic, BabylissPRO Rapido, Conair Infinity Pro, Shark Hyperair IQ

I wanted to not only include a range of prices, but brands and styles as well. I’ve personally used all of these dryers, some more than others, and think you’ll be able to find the right tool for you in this mix.

Let’s start with the most expensive of the bunch.

This has a very high wattage, which will tell you how strong the airflow is. I’ve had mine for years and use it regularly. I like the shape, I find it easy to hold, and I do like that there isn’t a vent/grate on the back that could possibly suck your hair in.

This dryer cost a pretty penny, and if I wasn’t in this job I wouldn’t have bought it. It’s too much for my needs. If you are someone with thick, coarse, wavy, medium, frizzy, difficult-to-dry hair, I think you’d like this. If you have normal, medium to fine, relatively easy-to-dry hair, save your pennies.

Next up we have this dryer that is very similar in shape and power to the Dyson shown above. And frankly, having used them both I can say they are super similar. This comes with two attachments, one of which I can live without (the brush head), and it’s a solid dryer. If you have difficult to dry hair, but don’t want to spend the $400 on a Dyson, try this.

It’s hard to beat the price and this is a great standard blow dryer. It doesn’t have the same strong or sturdy feel in your hand that the others on this list do, but it will certainly get the job done. If you have thick, coarse, wavy, frizzy, or difficult-to-dry hair, you may find yourself longing for a better dryer. Conversely, if your hair is easy to dry or you’re someone who doesn’t use a blow dryer often, this should do the trick. Do note the cord length…it’s the shortest of the bunch and I really noticed that when using.

Look at the wattage! This is the highest wattage of the bunch! Even more than the Dyson! I love this dryer. The motor is seriously powerful and it has a variety of heat and speeds. It’s also the lightest of the bunch and you can tell. It’s funny to be holding such a light dryer in your hand while knowing it has the highest wattage of the group. BabylissPro tools have lasted me years and years and years, and the Rapido dryer is a solid blowdryer that can work on any hair type.

I bought this dryer when I was working in a salon, and then bought a second one to use on myself at home. I genuinely love the low-profile look and feel of rolling heat and speed-setting knobs, but I did find myself accidentally moving them when I didn’t want to. Once you get used to where your hand holds the dryer, you’ll stop doing that. I love the sound of this dryer, it’s the least offensive of the bunch. I also like the price point. It’s a high-quality, easy-to-hold, strong dryer that can work for anyone!

So how can you choose the right one for you? Consider what your hair needs, and what it doesn’t need as well. Sure, the Dyson Supersonic gets a lot of air time on social but does your hair and lifestyle seem like it needs that level of a dryer?

If I was starting over and had to buy myself a blowdryer, I’d go with the Rusk Speedfreak. If I had difficult-to-dry, frizzy hair, I’d buy the Shark HyperAIR IQ.

I do think you’ll like any of the dryers listed above, and I hope this was helpful! Curious to hear how they sound? Watch the breakdown on YouTube!

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