Everything I read in February

I only read 4 books in February, which makes me wonder how on earth I managed to get through *8* in January. Find my recaps below!

Girl Underwater by Claire Kells // I chose this book from a list of novels that Julia Whelan has narrated. I adore her as a narrator/voice actor and have had 2/2 successes choosing books from unknown (to me) authors based on the fact that Julia narrated them. This book was gripping and emotional. The author described the settings so well that I could really feel and see where the characters were. I enjoyed it and would recommend it as long as you don’t have a strong fear of air travel.

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston // This was my book club’s pick from the month and I liked it a lot! I listened to this one and laughed a bit at the “Mr. Smith” voice. It was twisty, a little suspenseful, and left you wondering who you could trust.

It’s One of Us by J.T Ellison // I genuinely can’t remember why I chose this book. I think I was looking for something a little mysterious and it was. It was challenging to read at parts due to traumatic/emotional scenes of pregnancy loss. I wasn’t sure who was the “good guy” in this book, and until the very end I was invested in figuring out how all these characters were tied together in the ways that they were.

Josh and Hazels Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren // This left a little to be desired. I appreciated the character descriptions as I could really grasp their personalities, but I just wasn’t super invested and only finished it to say I finished it.

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