Feral Cat Colony Forces Urgent Rescue Operation on UK Island

Amid growing concerns about the impact of a feral cat colony on local wildlife, a rescue operation is underway on the Scottish island of Barra. The colony’s struggle to survive on hunting alone has raised alarm. This has prompted urgent action by a non-profit organization. At least 20 cats have been identified as needing immediate care.
Rescue operation launched to tackle out-of-control feral cat colony
A rescue mission has begun on a Scottish island in response to concerns about the potential threat posed by a colony of feral cats to local wildlife, as BBC reports. The cats, struggling to sustain themselves through hunting alone, have raised alarm about their impact on the ecosystem. Western Isles Support for Cats and Kittens (WISCK) has identified at least 20 cats on Barra in the Outer Hebrides in need of urgent assistance. 
WISCK aims to rehome these cats, and they will eventually seek suitable placements for them, as per Sky News.  In addition, the organization highlighted a long-standing issue with feral cats in Barra. They noted that many of them are descendants of “barn cats,” who were previously used on crofts to manage mice and rats.
Karen Cowan from WISCK noted, “You see 20 cats, but there could be 30 because some don’t appear at a house for food … they are members of the same colony.”
Continuing, she added that the breeding season for feral cats typically spans from April to September. It varies based on weather conditions and food availability. Therefore, she expressed concern, warning, “Their number could triple by next winter.”
The volunteer-driven nonprofit organization endeavors to capture all the cats. Additionally, they plan to have them checked by a vet and neutered before the breeding season. 
Moreover, public donations have covered some of the vet bills. They can amount to £200 for vaccinating and neutering for just one cat. 

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