Firefighters Rescue Kitten Stuck Inside ATM

Kittens get stuck in the strangest places. And it’s not uncommon for fire departments to come to their rescue. But for all the kittens stuck in trees and storm drains, here’s a new one.
The Fort Smith Fire Department in Arkansas was called out to a local Regions Bank after a kitten was discovered trapped inside the onsite ATM. While no one can quite figure out how the precious one got stuck amongst the cash, the kitten certainly hit the jackpot as his rescue led him to the cat lovers of the Fort Smith Animal Haven. At the shelter, he earned the name Cash and lots of TLC.

Priceless and Precious Withdrawal
Whether he was playing cat burglar and planning to take off with all the loot or the ATM simply seemed like a nice place to nap, Cash got stuck inside the machine and started calling out for help, meowing as loud as he could. And just like a wild kitten, he was pretty rowdy with the firefighters that helped him out of the machine.
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The Fort Smith Fire Department posted photos of the rescue and an update on Facebook, sharing, “P-1, R-1 cat stuck in an ATM.  Rescue was successful, and the cat was handed over to Animal Control.”

Fort Smith Animal Haven vet tech Ashley Deane told 5News, “This is actually my first experience with a cat getting stuck in an ATM,” said. “You know, I never thought that somebody would be able to go up and make a withdrawal and get a cat out instead of some cash, so now we have both.”

Lots of Food Deposits for a Teeny Kitten
Arriving in the care of the Fort Smith Animal Haven, Cash was found to be underweight, weighing in at under one pound. But his appetite proved large, and he happily gobbled down some food. And though on the small side, Cash was one hundred percent cute! And a little on the feisty side.
“He’s a little spicy just ’cause he’s scared, which is typical and it’s gonna happen,” Ashley explained.

“Generally, after a couple of days with our handlers caring for them, they become less spicy and just a little bit mild so they can come a little bit more workable.”
And, just as Ashley predicted, Cash is cashing in on love, snuggles, and lots of snacks!
Alexis Bloom, a cat and kennel tech with the Animal Haven, shared, “Once you pick him up, he’s just a big purr box, that’s all, he’s just a huge purr box, he’s the sweetest little baby.”

After paying the dues of life on the streets, Cash will spend time beefing up his weight in foster care. But once he’s ready for adoption, this cute kitten will earn the payday of his life—his forever home!
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Feature Image: Fort Smith Fire Department/Facebook 

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