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WagWell and iHeartDogs are working together to offer a giveaway of pet products worth $250 to a lucky dog parent. All of WagWell’s products are formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and produced in U.S. facilities, using all-natural, human grade ingredients, without fillers, corn, wheat, or soy, and are minimally processed. The brand is honest about the purpose of each ingredient and the recommended regimen, using only straightforward, science-backed formulations and the highest quality ingredients. Items from both animal-loving companies are featured in this exciting new giveaway!
To enter the giveaway, please email us at with your name and email address! The winner will be announced on 3/1/2024. Keep reading to find out what products are included in the giveaway.

WagWell Products Included in the Giveaway

WagWell Ahiflower® Omega Oil and Chews – Chews $32 | Oil: $39
As the first dog brand to use Ahiflower® Omega Oil, a meat-free, sustainably harvested ingredient that does not stink or cause bad doggie breath! Both the Oil and Chew are formulated with a complete and balanced blend of plant-based Omega fatty acids (3,6, & 9) to promote healthy skin, coat, and joints. Just one pump of Omega Oil is a delicious boost to your dog’s food and the natural chicken-flavored Omega Chews are essential to any dog’s diet.
WagWell Allergy and Itch – $32
Say goodbye to seasonal and year-round allergies that make your dog’s life an itchy fog. WagWell’s Allergy and Itch Chews boost your dog’s histamine response to reduce itching, skin irritation, red eyes, and sneezing. With all-natural ingredients featuring Ahiflower, a sustainably sourced omega powerhouse; colostrum and echinacea for immune system support; spirulina for its natural antihistamine properties and epicor, a postbiotic that supports your dog’s gut health.
WagWell Mobility – $32
WagWell’s Mobility Chews promote joint health and flexibility, allowing your dog to embrace that puppy-like behavior. The hero ingredient is Ahiflower® Oil, an omega oil clinically proven to help reduce inflammation and relieve joint pain from arthritis, helping your dog live its best life every day. Formulated with Glucosamine and MSM, WagWell’s mobility supplement will improve healthy joint function, reduce stiffness and slow the progression of arthritis.
WagWell Calming– $32
Whether it be travel, separation anxiety or fireworks, pups can experience stress just like us. WagWell’s vet-formulated calming supplement features a soothing herbal blend of Magnolia Bark and Phellodendron Bark to alleviate anxiety; with Melatonin and Chamomile to promote natural relaxation properties. Use this chicken-flavored whole hemp chew to help your pup take the edge off ahead of or during stressful situations. 
*WagWell calming does not include Ahiflower® Omega Oil as a main ingredient.
iHeartDogs Products Included in the Giveaway
You Had Me At Woof! Garden Flag With Pole – $12.99
For Dog Lovers Only! Your neighbors will get a kick out of this beautiful garden flag that boasts your love for dogs for all to see. Featuring a unique scalloped tail and a happy dog hugging a heart, every dog lover who sees this flag will smile and think fondly of their furry best friend! 
In A Perfect World, Every Dog Has A Home Polar Fleece Blanket – $34.99
This iHeartDogs blanket was designed for your home so you and your pup can curl up in comfort together. This blanket features a high-quality, polar fleece that can stand up to those pawdorable pups who like to paw & snuggle a blanket into just the right shape before lying down. This is a beautiful, quality blanket you and your pups are sure to love.
Heartbeat Puppy Comfort Cuddler Pillow for Dog Anxiety – $34.99
Spoil your fur baby and soothe them at the same time with the Comfort Cuddler Puppy Heartbeat Pillow. With a soothing heartbeat sound and heat pack that appeals to natural instincts, your dog will relax into a peaceful calm – even when you’re not around.
Fresh Mint Scented Brushing Dog Bone Toy- $12.98
The new Fresh Mint Scented Brushing Bone by Project Play® was developed with one goal in mind: to create as much friction as possible on your dog’s teeth and gums to help support maximum oral health in your pup.
Help Your Dog Feel Their Best with This Giveaway!
All the products included in this giveaway can improve your dog’s health and well-being. To enter the giveaway, please email us at! Please be sure to include your first and last name, as well as your email address.
For additional entries to the giveaway, we encourage you to follow WagWell’s social pages, each action will allow an additional entry for a chance to win!

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