Girlfriend Gave Her Partner An ‘Ultimatum’, Demands Either “The Dog Goes” Or “She Goes”

The adage that a dog is man’s best friend holds true based on my own experiences. The loyalty of a dog is unmatched; they wait eagerly to welcome us with wagging tails upon our return, showering us with unconditional love and engaging in playful antics. This fosters an extraordinary connection, to the extent that some individuals feel a deeper affinity with their pets than with many people in their lives.
So it’s no wonder why this man was devastated when his girlfriend gave him an ultimatum that threatened the relationship he had with his beloved pup. He now faced an incredibly difficult choice…


Faced with his girlfriend’s ultimatum to either find a new home for his devoted dog or forget about moving in together, the boyfriend was caught in a tough predicament. However, a stroke of ingenuity struck him. He chose to place an ad on Craigslist, a decision marked by such cleverness it was nothing short of genius.

“My girlfriend does not like my beagle Molly. So I have to rehome her. She is purebred from a wealthy area and I have had her for 4-years. She likes to play games. Not trained. Has long hair so she’s a little high maintenance, especially the nails, but she loves having them done. Stays up all night yapping but sleeps while I work. Only eats the best, most expensive food. Will NEVER greet you at the door after a long day or give you unconditional love when you’re down. Does not bite but she can be mean as hell!”


“So… anyone interested in my 30-year-old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend? Come and get her! My dog and I want her re-homed ASAP!”

Who could have anticipated such a result? Thankfully, they were able to determine that living together wasn’t going to work before actually committing. It’s true what they say: one should never attempt to come between a man and his canine companion!
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