GLOGIRLY: Waffles Waiting

 WAFFLES:  It’s almost dinnertime and Glogirly’s STILL not home. ELLIE:  Don’t worry, Mr. Waffles. She’s probably just out skiing. Gloman will make us dinner. WAFFLES:  But look at the clock, Ellie. It’s…it’s…ELLIE:  You still can’t tell time, can you Mr. Waffles?WAFFLES:  Well my stomach can. My tiny, starving, food-deprived stomach can.Whenever Glogirly is out skiing and the time approaches mid-afternoon, Waffles takes to his post to wait for her. He sits on the back of the sofa where he has clear view of the clock AND clear view of the road coming down to the house.  He can see the Jeep come down the big hill, and then he knows Glogirly’s home. Once she walks through the door from the garage with her boot bag and jacket, he gives her a  very serious talking to!This is Glogirly with her cat-loving friend, Barbara. They try to get out and ski together as many days as they can each week. Often with their cat ears! Last week though, they had to embark on a rescue mission to hunt for one of Glogirly’s ears. She lost it when they were skiing in the trees. The ears attach with strong magnets and one had apparently popped off when she brushed against some branches while skiing between a couple of tightly spaced trees. So they retraced their steps. It took three chairlifts and two black diamond runs to get them to the spot where they entered the trees. Slowly, they repeated their path, following their own ski tracks. And right where the tree branches were hanging low, there was a tiny black speck peeking out of the snow. Their rescue mission was a success! Glogirly once again had her helmet ears and all was right in the world. 

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