Glossier Cloud Paint Bronzer Sheer, Natural, Pretty But Not for Me

The product everyone but me is excited about today is the new Cloud Paint Bronzer! I just want a Balm Dotcom Jelly Bean flavor…! These new bronzer extensions to the popular Cloud Paint Blush Collection are available in five shades for $22 each.
According to Glossier they’re the most user-friendly bronzers under the sun and provide a seamless hint of warmth inspired by the golden hour sunset. Natural, easy to wear, and easy to blend with the Glossier Cloud Paint Blushes. The sheer, gel-like formula blends easily for quick application that never looks overdone.
Every since the evolution of Drunk Elephant Bronzer Drops products like this have become more and more popular and viral. I’m personally not a big bronzer kind of girl but people seem to really love liquid and gel bronzers. L’Oreal’s Lumi Glow Bronzer is another product that a got a new leash on life after a few Tiktokers starting discussing it. Old product, but the same liquid-like consistency that’s very popular in the bronzer world at the moment.

As they say you need to strike when the iron is hot so the introduction of Glossier Cloud Paint Bronzer comes at just the right time which increases their chances of becoming very popular. Glossier already has a solid fanbase and I’m sure fans of both bronzer and Glossier are excited about this addition. Also, if you’re not a huge bronzer user like I me these might just tickle your interest as Glossier is really into that sheer, natural look! These could be a lot more wearable than a more pigmented bronzer.
Glossier Cloud Paint Bronzer are available now. Are you into this type of formula?
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