Homemade Moisturizing Body Scrub You Must Try This Winter

Homemade Moisturizing Body Scrub You Must Try This Winter – Is there anybody who can say no to soft and smooth skin? No, there is none and there won’t be any as well. But achieving that buttery smooth skin takes a little bit effort. Regular skin care is one of the most important conditions to make skin soft and smooth. Lack of skin care can make our skin dull and dry, and similarly weather conditions can also affect our skin. For example, winter is quite harsh on our skin and having dry, itchy and dull skin is pretty common in cold winter days. Using our regular moisturizer isn’t enough to combat this situation, add body scrub to your skin care routine as well. Here in this article, we will share some of our favorite homemade moisturizing body scrub recipes for winter.Check – Yogurt to Remove Sun Tan Homemade Moisturizing Body Scrub To Try This Winter 1. Moisturizing Body Scrub with Red Lentil and Yogurt How to prepare red lentil and yogurt moisturizing body scrub? Prepare red lentil powder by grinding a cup of red lentil. In a bowl, take some red lentil powder and add some fresh and plain yogurt to that. Mix together to prepare the homemade moisturizing body scrub for winter skin care. Apply it all over the body and gently massage the skin for few minutes. Wait for another 5-10 minutes before washing off. Reapply this DIY moisturizing body scrub with red lentil and yogurt for 2-3 times weekly to get soft and glowing skin in winter. Benefits of this Homemade Moisturizing Body Scrub – Red Lentil – Red lentil body scrub has been used since ages to get soft, healthy and glowing skin naturally. It has wonderful exfoliation benefits for our skin. It is highly beneficial to treat several skin problems, including stubborn tan, acne, rough skin, pigmentation, skin aging, etc. Being loaded with vitamin C, iron, calcium, vitamin B6 as well as magnesium, red lentil works wonders for our skin. Vitamin C is highly beneficial to brighten our skin tone. Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin its color. However, excess production and build up of melanin can make our skin look dark. Vitamin C has the ability to inhibit the over production of melanin, and thus lightening and brightening our complexion and making our skin even toned. There is an enzyme, called tyrosinase enzyme, which directly influences melanin production. Vitamin C helps to inhibit the production of tyrosinase enzyme and decrease the level of melanin produced by the melanocyte skin cells. Thus it improves our complexion. Vitamin C has anti oxidant as well as anti inflammatory benefits, that help with acne reduction. Being an anti oxidant, vitamin C fights off the free radicals and protects our skin from acne. Also, the anti inflammatory properties of vitamin C help reducing the redness and irritation of acne and accelerate the healing process. Being a good source of vitamin C, red lentil scrub works great to treat premature aging of skin. Collagen is a very important structural protein for our skin and any deficiency of the same results in saggy skin with lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C boosts the collagen production in the skin, which further restores as well as enhances the elasticity of the skin. This in turn, prevents the appearance of aging signs, like lines and wrinkles. Fibroblast is a type of skin cell that produces collagen. Vitamin C can stimulate the activities of fibroblast cells and improve collagen production. Red lentil is a great source of calcium as well, and that’s why, it works wonderfully to get rid of dry skin. The outermost layer of our skin contains a high amount of calcium. Calcium loss results in dry as well as rough skin. Red lentil replenishes our skin with the calcium and prevent dryness as well as speeds up skin renewal process, to restore healthy and soft skin. Magnesium found in red lentil helps to slow down the aging process of the skin and keeps it healthy and youthful. Vitamin B6, which can be found in red lentil, helps with cell renewal and restores healthy skin. Furthermore, red lentil also contains iron, which is another important mineral for our skin. Lack of iron can cause skin dryness and other skin damages. Yogurt – Yogurt is a great natural skin care ingredient. It is known for its moisturizing properties. Yogurt is enriched with B-complex vitamins, which help to hydrate, moisturize and heal dry skin. Yogurt contains high amount of vitamin B2, B5 and B12. Vitamin B2 has anti oxidant benefits. It protects our skin cells from oxidative stress and helps to avoid a number of skin damages, including dry skin. Also it helps with cell growth and manufacture of healthy cellular fats. Vitamin B5 and B12 found in yogurt also help to moisturize and hydrate our skin. Vitamin D deficiency can also cause dry skin, which, if not treated on time, can lead to psoriasis. Yogurt is rich in vitamin D, that helps to fulfill the deficiency and treat dry skin successfully. Along with vitamins, yogurt is rich in minerals as well. It contains calcium, zinc etc. which are essential for healthy skin. The outermost layer of our skin contains a high amount of calcium. Calcium loss can cause dry as well as rough skin. Yogurt is a great source of calcium. It replenishes our skin with the calcium and prevent dryness as well as speeds up skin renewal process, to maintain healthy and soft skin naturally. Sun exposure can also make our skin rough and dry. Zinc helps treating sun damaged skin. It comes with anti inflammatory properties and helps to treat dry skin, caused by UV damage. Zinc also has astringent properties, which help with regulating oil production by the sebaceous glands. Yogurt contains lactic acid as well, which is super nourishing for our skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid that belongs to the AHA family. It helps to dissolve the dead skin cells and other impurities that accumulate on skin surface, making the skin dry and rough. Through exfoliation, yogurt restores soft and supple skin. Lactic acid removes impurities and lightens spots and marks, thus improving our complexion. Lactic acid also provides moisturization and hydration. Yogurt comes with anti bacterial properties, due to the presence of probiotics in it. Probiotics are basically the good bacteria that destroy the harmful bacteria, that can cause skin infections. Yogurt is also beneficial to boost our complexion. We know that melanin is responsible for our skin color. The more amount of melanin present in the skin, the darker the skin tone gets. Tyrosinase is a special enzyme, which directly influences melanin production. Yogurt has the ability to inhibit the production of tyrosinase enzyme, thus reducing melanin synthesis and improving our complexion. 2. Moisturizing Body Scrub with Coffee and Olive Oil How to prepare coffee and olive oil body scrub? Prepare this homemade moisturizing body scrub by mixing 3-4 tbsp coffee powder with required amount of olive oil. Apply it all over the body skin and massage gently for few minutes. Leave it on the skin for another 10-15 minutes. Finally wash off in the shower and reapply this moisturizing body scrub with coffee and olive oil 2-3 times in a week to get healthy, soft skin naturally. Benefits of this Homemade Moisturizing Body Scrub – Coffee – The mild coarse texture of coffee makes it a great natural homemade moisturizing scrub for our body. Regular use of coffee scrub helps to brighten skin while making it softer and smoother at the same time. Coffee is full of anti oxidants. These anti oxidants are great for our skin and help to unveil fresh as well as glowing skin. They also fight off the free radicals and protect our skin from various damages, including premature aging. Coffee scrub, when used regularly, helps to lighten sun spots, freckles, wrinkles and fine lines. The anti oxidants in coffee help with generating new skin cells. Thus, helping to fade the marks and scars fast. Coffee helps to reduce cellulite. It contains caffeine, which enters our body, when we use coffee body scrub. It increases blood circulation and in turn, smoothens the appearance of cellulite. Studies have proved that, caffeine is also capable of breaking down the fat accumulation beneath the skin, which can otherwise lead to cellulite formation. When used as a homemade moisturizing body scrub, coffee improves collagen production in the skin. This helps to maintain the natural elasticity of the skin and keeps it smooth. Coffee offers amazing skin brightening benefits. The anti oxidants present in coffee provide the vital nutrients to our skin as well as help it stay glowing and fresh. Coffee can increase blood circulation in the skin, which also leads to brighter complexion. Coffee has the ability to reduce inflammation. The anti inflammatory properties of coffee, together with the polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acid present in coffee help reducing inflammation and provide relief from red, inflamed skin. Olive Oil – Olive oil can work wonders on dry skin. It contains healthy fats, such as omega 6, omega 9, oleic acid, etc. that moisturize and heal dry skin. Also, olive oil helps to retain skin moisture by forming a protective layer on the skin. No wonder, it is widely used to heal dry skin quickly. Olive oil contains a natural organic compound, squalene, which comes with wonderful moisturizing properties. Squalene moisturizes our skin and also forms a protective barrier on the skin to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, thus enhancing our overall skin health. Extremely dry skin can lead to psoriasis, which causes flaking of the skin. Olive oil contains mono unsaturated fatty acids, that moisturize the skin and keep the flaking under control. Vitamin E present in olive oil also helps with dry skin treatment. This vitamin is an anti oxidant, which fights off the free radicals and keeps dryness at bay. Also, vitamin E can replenish the skin with lost moisture to heal dryness. The anti inflammatory properties of vitamin E help reducing the skin irritation caused by dryness of the skin, while its anti oxidant properties defend cell damage due to psoriasis. People with extremely dry skin can also suffer from eczema. It can make the skin rough, itchy, inflamed and even bleed. Regular application of olive oil nourishes the skin and softens it and also soothes inflammation caused by eczema. Furthermore, olive oil, with its natural anti bacterial properties, prevents bacterial infection on the affected parts of the skin. Along with vitamin E, olive oil is a good source of vitamin A as well. Vitamin A helps to repair dry skin by boosting sebum secretion in the skin. This vitamin also boosts cell growth to further repair our skin texture. Also read How to Use Raw Honey to Remove Sun Tan How to Use Tomato to Treat Acne – Know the Benefits Benefits of Using Hibiscus for Skin Care – How to Use 3. Moisturizing Body Scrub with Sugar and Raw Milk How to prepare sugar and raw milk moisturizing body scrub? Take 4-5 tbsp sugar and add some raw milk to that. Mix together to prepare the DIY moisturizing body scrub. Massage it onto the body gently for few minutes to exfoliate. Leave it on the skin for another 10-15 minutes before washing it off with plain water. Reapply this homemade moisturizing body scrub with sugar and raw milk twice or thrice in a week for winter skin care. Benefits of this Homemade Moisturizing Body Scrub – Sugar – Sugar is a one of the best natural exfoliators for our skin. Not only sugar provides topical exfoliation, but also benefits our skin with chemical exfoliation. The mild abrasive texture of sugar granules work excellent to exfoliate the top layer of the skin and remove the impurities, dirt, excess sebum as well as dead skin cells. Sugar is a great natural source of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid belongs to the AHA family. It can penetrate the skin and dissolve the ‘glue’ like substance that binds the skin cells. This in turn, helps to get rid of dead skin cells, promotes faster cell turnover and makes way for fresher, younger looking, glowing skin. Also, glycolic acid works wonderfully to heal sun damaged skin, and it is also highly beneficial to treat premature aging signs on the skin. Regular use of sugar scrub helps to smoothen out the wrinkles and lines and also repairs the skin damages done by UV rays. Sugar is a natural humectant. It means sugar has the ability to absorb moisture from the air and lock it in the skin, thus ensuring skin stays moisturized and hydrated. This particular benefit of sugar not only benefits dry skin types, but also helps the one with oily skin type. By keeping the skin properly moisturized, sugar prevents the over production of sebum by the sebaceous glands and thus, keeps oil at bay. Being a humectant, homemade sugar body scrub hydrates the skin more than other scrubs, which might strip the skin of its natural oil. Regular application of sugar scrubs can boost blood circulation in the skin. Better blood circulation ensures better flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the cells, which boosts the overall health of the skin. Also, it helps promoting collagen production and keeps the skin youthful, smooth, supple, glowing as well as nourished. Raw Milk – Raw milk is a great moisturizer for our skin. It can reach deep in to the skin layers and provide nourishment to the skin cells. Regular use of raw milk makes skin soft, supple, healthy and glowing. Raw milk is a source of lactic acid. Lactic acid is an AHA and highly beneficial for our skin. It can exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells. Also, this AHA adds moisturization and nourishment to the skin for improving our skin health and make it glowing. Along with lactic acid, the vitamins and minerals present in raw milk also help us achieving glowing, beautiful skin. Raw milk contains vitamin A that increases sebum production to moisturize dry skin. Vitamin B6 in raw milk also helps to repair skin texture, and vitamin B12 makes skin even toned and glowing by lightening skin discoloration. Furthermore raw milk contains a high amount of biotin, which helps to smoothen skin texture. Raw milk contains Vitamin D that comes with anti oxidant benefits. It promotes collagen production in the skin to help us achieve smooth, firm as well as glowing skin. Along with vitamins, raw milk contains various minerals, such as calcium, selenium, etc. Calcium is a vital mineral for our skin. The top surface of our skin contains a high amount of calcium, and any deficiency of this mineral can make the skin dry and dull. Calcium can boost skin cell growth, which further helps to achieve healthy, soft and glowing skin. Raw milk replenishes the skin with lost calcium and helps to boost skin health. Sun damage can also make the skin dry and rough. Selenium, another vital mineral present in raw milk can protect the skin against sun damage. Aging also makes our skin dull and dry. Magnesium found in raw milk is effective in slowing down the skin aging and preserve soft, glowing and youthful skin for a long time. Here we shared three wonderful homemade moisturizing body scrub recipes to try this winter. The biggest perk of using these body scrubs is that they are completely chemical free and you can customize the ingredients as per your skin’s type and requirement. Hope you liked this article, stay tuned for more such winter skin care hacks.

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