How Much Exercise Does a Cat Need?

Cats are friendly creatures who bring immense joy to our lives. However, to keep them healthy and happy, one needs to offer them more than good food and shelter. Like humans, cats also need good physical activity to keep themselves in robust health. Although, most cat owners don’t know the exact amount of exercise they need to offer their cat.
In this blog, you will learn the importance of physical activity in cats and also how much they need daily. So let us get started,
Why Exercise is Important For Cats?
Regular physical exercise is essential for cats as they are quite vulnerable to quick weight gain. An overweight cat is at risk of health issues like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, etc. Cats also need good mental stimulation as well, as it keeps boredom and separation anxiety away. To keep your cats physically and mentally fit, you can offer them engaging cat toys that stimulate their natural tendency to explore.
What Factors Influence the Exercise Needs of Cats?
Several factors determine the exercise needs of your cats. This includes the age, breed, lifestyle, personality, etc. of the cats. While adult cats generally need 20-30 minutes of exercise daily, kittens need more playtime to burn off the pent-up energy and also to improve their coordination skills. Also, certain breeds like Bengal Cat and Abyssinians need more exercise than other cat breeds.
How to Design an Exercise Routine For Cats?
To design an exercise routine for cats, add a variety of activities that stimulate your feline’s instinctive needs like chasing, climbing, and pouncing. You can provide them with good interactive cat toys, which include feather toys, string toys, plush toys, tennis balls, etc. that encourage them to play. Also, it would be ideal if you schedule short play sessions multiple times a day, ensuring a total exercise time of 15-30 minutes a day. You can also set up vertical spaces like cat trees or shelves so that they can climb on it and explore.
Why Do Cats Need an Enriching Environment?
Along with the daily play sessions, cats need an enriching environment as it keeps them mentally stimulated and physically active. An enriching environment for cats includes climbing perch, scratching posts, hiding spots, etc., making them feel secure at home. Also, rotate their toys regularly to prevent boredom in them.
All in All,
It is important to understand your cat’s exercise needs to ensure good health for them. By offering them opportunities for physical activities and mental stimulation, you will be nourishing them in the best possible manner.

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