How to Use Turmeric for Skin Lightening

How to Use Turmeric for Skin Lightening – Know the Benefits – Healthy, glowing skin is an asset in itself. And trust us, you don’t always have to spend a lot to get beautiful skin. You must have heard people saying that your kitchen is the best place to find ingredients for skin care and it’s more than 100% true. Turmeric, for example, is a very common kitchen ingredient that we use almost daily for cooking. And this turmeric can be your magic ingredient to treat skin darkening. Turmeric has been used since ages to boost our complexion naturally. The ‘haldi’ ceremony before every Indian wedding tells the same, its about making the bride-to-be more beautiful by applying turmeric paste on her skin, so that skin becomes flawless and radiant. We will talk about Indian wedding rituals some other day, let’s now see how to use turmeric for skin lightening. Check below.Check – DIY Rice Flour Body Scrub Benefits of Using Turmeric for Skin Lightening We know that turmeric has been used since ages to lighten and brighten our skin complexion. Melanin is the main factor that determines our skin color. When the melanocytes skin cells produce too much melanin, our skin becomes dark. Turmeric has the ability to control melanin production. Turmeric contains a very powerful anti oxidant, known as curcumin. Curcumin helps controlling melanin production and lighten the hyper pigmentation to improve our complexion over time. Aging is a major factor that can cause skin pigmentation and make our skin look patchy and dull. Turmeric comes with powerful anti inflammatory as well as anti oxidant properties, that help combating premature aging of skin. Studies have confirmed that skin care products containing turmeric can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines as well as lightens pigmentation. Sun damage is another factor that can make our skin dry, thick and cause skin darkening. Turmeric is a great remedy to fight off sun damage. Excessive UV exposure increases the production of an enzyme known as MMP-2, which damages our skin by decreasing the collagen content between skin layers. Turmeric can inhibit the production of MMP-2 enzyme and prevent skin damages as well as skin darkening caused by sun exposure. Acne breakouts also makes our skin look uneven with ugly and stubborn acne scars. The curcumin found in turmeric has powerful anti bacterial properties, that help combating acne and also lightens acne scars. Turmeric also offers gentle exfoliation benefits that further helps with lightening spots, marks and boosts skin complexion. Excess oil build up on the skin can make our face look dull, oily and patchy. Turmeric helps to control the oiliness of the skin. Our skin gets oily when the sebaceous glands produce too much oil. Turmeric contains fatty acids and phytosterols, that reduce the oil production by the sebaceous glands and prevents oil build up to freshen up our skin. Best Ways to Use Turmeric for Skin Lightening 1. Turmeric and Yogurt Remedy for Skin Lightening How to use turmeric and yogurt for skin lightening? Add 1-2 tsp of yogurt to a generous pinch of turmeric powder. Mix together to prepare the homemade face mask. Apply the face mask all over the face as well as neck. Massage gently with your fingertips for few minutes and wait for another 15-20 minutes. Wash off with plain water. Reapply this homemade skin lightening face mask with turmeric and yogurt 2-3 times per week. Benefits – Yogurt has excellent skin bleaching properties. It helps to decrease skin discoloration and restore glowing, even toned skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid and which exfoliates the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells and other impurities and helps to unveil brighter and healthier complexion. Yogurt can also control melanin synthesis. We know that the presence of melanin determines our skin color. There is an enzyme known as tyrosinase, which directly influences the melanin production. Yogurt has the ability to inhibit the production of tyrosinase enzyme, thus reducing melanin secretion and boosting our complexion. Yogurt is rich in B vitamins, which are known for their ability to improve our skin texture as well as color. It contains vitamin, B2, B5 and B12. Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, helps in keeping skin glowing and hydrated. It also helps with healthy cell growth and regeneration, thus contributing to skin lightening and brightening. It has anti oxidant benefits as well, that protect our skin cells from oxidative damage by free radicals and prevents skin darkening. Vitamin B5 in yogurt helps with manufacturing of healthy fats in skin cells, which further helps to brighten dull skin and lighten acne scars as well as dark spots. Vitamin B12 in yogurt also helps with lightening skin discoloration. Along with these vitamins, yogurt contains several minerals, such as zinc, calcium, etc. that help with skin lightening. Acne and acne marks make our skin look dull and patchy. Zinc comes with anti inflammatory properties, that reduce acne as well as redness of the skin caused by acne. This mineral is also necessary for healthy cell reproduction and tissue growth, that help improving complexion. Zinc can prevent oil build up on the skin, thus lightening and brightening our complexion. Oil build up often gives a dark look to our face. Dryness of the skin also causes skin darkening. Yogurt contains calcium, which is a vital mineral to achieve smooth, soft and supple skin. The epidermis layer of our skin contains a high amount of calcium. It helps preventing dry and rough skin as well as facilitates skin renewal process. 2. Turmeric and Tomato Remedy for Skin Lightening How to use turmeric and tomato for skin lightening? Cut one fresh tomato in half and grate both the halves. Transfer the grated tomatoes to a strainer and extract the juice from them. Collect it in a bowl. Take a generous pinch of turmeric powder and add some tomato juice to it. Mix together to prepare the homemade face mask. If the mixture appears too thick, add some plain water. Apply it onto the face as well as neck and wait for 10-15 minutes. Wet your fingertips and massage your skin for exfoliation. Wash off with plain water. Reapply this home remedy for skin lightening with turmeric and tomato twice or thrice in a week. Benefits – Tomatoes are loaded with several skin friendly vitamins which help boosting our complexion. It contains vitamin A, B as well as C, and all these vitamins are known for skin lightening benefits. Vitamin A helps in in boosting skin cell regeneration, which in turn, lightens the appearance of blemishes and acne scars. Tomatoes are acidic in nature, which make it a great exfoliator for our skin. Citric acid in tomato helps in removing the dead skin cells and other impurities from the top skin layer that can otherwise cause skin darkening. Aging is a factor that can cause skin discoloration and Vitamin B helps reversing the damages caused by aging. It helps in smoothening wrinkles, fine lines and also boosts new cell production, to make the skin smooth and even toned. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production in the skin and helps to fade away marks and scars. Vitamin C further contributes to skin lightening by reducing the melanin production in our skin. It also boosts cell regeneration that further helps improving our complexion. Dry skin looks dark and dull. Tomatoes contain calcium and potassium and both these minerals help healing dry skin by providing moisturization and hydration. Magnesium present in tomatoes can give us naturally glowing skin. Sun damage also darkens our skin tone. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an anti oxidant that provides protection against the UV rays, thus preventing skin darkening. Tomato juice has anti inflammatory benefits that help calming down irritated and sun damaged skin. Tomatoes can boost oxygen supply to the skin cells, which provide superior nourishment to the cells, rejuvenate them and brighten the skin tone. Also, it contains salicylic acid which helps with exfoliating to boost our complexion further. According to skin experts, the key to maintain healthy and glowing skin is to balance the pH level of the skin. Tomatoes help to maintain the pH balance of the skin and restore healthy, even toned skin. Excess oil build up on the skin makes our face look dark. Being astringent in nature, tomato juice helps absorbing the excess oil and freshens up the skin to make it look bright. 3. Turmeric and Papaya Remedy for Skin Lightening How to use turmeric and papaya for skin lightening? Take a ripe papaya and cut few chunks out of it. Put them in a blender and prepare a fine paste. Take it out and add a generous pinch of turmeric powder to that. Mix together and apply it all over the face as well as neck. Leave it on the skin for 15-20 minutes, before washing off with plain water. Reapply this DIY skin lightening remedy with turmeric and papaya 2-3 times every week. Benefits – The main beauty ingredient in papaya is papain, a special enzyme. It helps with skin cell regeneration by providing excellent natural exfoliation. Through exfoliation, it lightens skin tone and reduces pigmentation to boost our complexion. Papain comes with anti inflammatory properties which help treating skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema etc. Dryness of the skin can also make it look dark. Papain helps with skin exfoliation and removes the dryness to help us achieve smooth, soft and bright skin. Papaya contains alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs. Together with papain, they help exfoliating the skin and break down the bonds between dead cells. This helps the skin to become softer, smoother and brighter. Regular exfoliation with papaya helps to lighten the appearance of blemishes and acne scars. Papaya works great to treat dry skin. It contains potassium, a vital mineral for our skin. It helps to hydrate and moisturize dry skin. Furthermore, papaya contains vitamin A. It is the most important vitamin to get relief from dry skin. Vitamin A helps to increase sebum production and heals dry, flaky skin. Vitamin A also helps to reduce the appearances of dark spots and acne scars. In fact, it also helps smoothening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to help revive aging skin. Papaya has the ability to reverse aging. Aging is another factor responsible for skin pigmentation. Papaya is a good source of vitamin C, which has anti oxidant properties to help fighting off skin aging. It boosts collagen level in the skin to restore plump, healthy skin. Improved collagen boosts skin elasticity and firmness, thus promoting the overall health of our skin. Papaya contains lycopene, which has anti oxidant benefits. It fights off the free radicals and protects our skin from various damages including skin darkening. Papaya is rich in beta carotene, which can boost skin cell regeneration and result in healthy, spotless skin. Also read How to Do Anti Acne Facial at Home – Step by Step Guide How to Use Chocolate for Skin Care – Know the Benefits Best DIY Moisturizing Face Pack You Must Try at Home 4. Turmeric and Tamarind Remedy for Skin Lightening How to use turmeric and tamarind for skin lightening? Take 30 gm of tamarind and boil it in 100 ml of water until it softens. Remove from the heat and let it cool down a bit. Next, extract pulp from tamarind and mix it with a generous pinch of turmeric powder. Apply the resultant mixture all over the face as well as neck and wait for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with plain water. Reapply this homemade face mask with turmeric and tamarind for skin lightening twice or thrice in a week. Benefits – Tamarind is a great source of AHAs or Alpha hydroxy acids. AHAs help exfoliating our skin wonderfully, clear up the pores and keep breakouts at bay. Also they help lightening age spots, acne marks, scars and give us clear skin. Tamarind contains vitamin A and C, and both of them are known for skin lightening and brightening benefits. Vitamin A helps reducing spots and marks by promoting cell-regeneration process. Vitamin C, an anti oxidant, helps boosting collagen production in the skin, which plays a vital role in lightening spots and scars. The amino acids found in collagen help minimizing the appearances of spots, marks and scars caused by acne or other skin issues. Being an anti oxidant, Vitamin C protects our skin from free radicals caused by UV exposure. Further, this vitamin helps reducing the melanin production in our skin, which lightens hyper pigmentation, brown spots and makes the skin radiant. Aging can make our skin appear dull and dark. Plus, it also leads to hyper pigmentation. Being rich in anti oxidants and flavonoids, tamarind is not just a great choice for boosting our complexion, but it also helps repairing skin damages caused by premature aging of skin. Tamarind has wonderful anti inflammatory properties, that helps soothing skin irritation and inflammation. Tamarind is also known for its amazing wound healing properties, due to its anti microbial properties. 5. Turmeric and Orange Remedy for Skin Lightening How to use turmeric and orange for skin lightening? Squeeze out the juice from a fresh orange. Take 1-2 tbsp orange juice in a bowl and add a generous pinch of turmeric powder. Mix together to prepare a paste and apply it on the face as well as neck. Let it sit on the skin for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with plain water. Reapply this homemade skin lightening remedy with turmeric and orange twice or thrice weekly. Benefits – The main reason that orange works so wonderfully for skin lightening and brightening, is because of its high amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful anti oxidant and it helps boosting the overall health of our skin. We know that melanin build up makes our skin look dark, and vitamin C has the ability to control melanin production, thus preventing melanin build up, and improving our complexion. Vitamin C helps in eliminating the toxins from our skin which otherwise might end up causing skin discoloration. This way also vitamin C helps in boosting our complexion. Along with that, vitamin C has anti oxidant benefits, and it helps keeping our skin protected from free radical damages as well as environmental assaults, both of which can cause skin darkening. Not only vitamin C, but orange juice contains vitamin A as well which helps in making our skin look fair and more even toned. The reason being vitamin A increases blood flow to the skin and as a result skin looks fairer and brighter. Increased blood flow ensures better nourishment for the skin cells, and keep them healthy and fresh. Aging also makes our skin look dark. Being an anti oxidant, vitamin C helps in preserving the youthfulness in the skin and prevent premature skin aging. Also, orange juice contains a high amount of citric acid. Citric acid is a great cleanser for our skin, and it helps in removing the dirt and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. These impurities when accumulated on the skin surface can make the skin look dark. Here we discussed five homemade turmeric face masks for skin lightening. These face masks are all natural and you can customize the ingredients as per your skin’s requirement. They are safe for our skin as well. Do you use turmeric for skin care? Let us know below in the comments.

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