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The Cats.com Standard—Rating James Wellbeloved on What Matters
We’ve rated James Wellbeloved on six key criteria for quality. Here are our ratings for each:


Species-Appropriateness – 4/5
Ingredient Quality – 3/5
Customer Experience – 4/5
Recall History – 5/5
Variety of Products – 5/5

Overall Score: 4.4/5

We give James Wellbeloved a B rating.
Why Trust Cats.com
I tested three varieties of James Wellbeloved cat food, rating them all according to the Cats.com Standards. I researched the brand, looked at the ordering process, and tested the food on my feline housemates. Read on to find out what I thought about James Wellbeloved, based on testing the food in October 2023.
About James Wellbeloved
Founded in 1992, James Wellbeloved originally produced dog food after one owner started feeding her two poorly Boxer dogs simple foods that were less likely to lead to adverse food reactions. Seeing how successful this was, recipes grew and meals for cats and ferrets were quickly introduced as well.
The UK brand is popular with cat owners looking for a grain-free diet for their cats due to an intolerance to cereals, although not all their foods are grain-free. It’s a popular cat food in the UK, although the brand’s dog food is better known.
Sourcing and Manufacturing
James Wellbeloved is based in Somerset, UK, although the brand is now part of Mars Incorporated. Mars has many cat food brands under its belt, including Sheba, Whiskas, and Royal Canin—all of which are hugely popular brands in the UK. They also support research into the science of human and animal interaction at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute.
James Wellbeloved’s factory is in Castle Cary, England, and the brand works with trusted suppliers to ensure that all ingredients are traceable and meet their quality standards.
Recall History
I couldn’t find any evidence of James Wellbeloved cat food ever being recalled. There have been some negative reviews that I’ll cover later, but most of these refer to cats not liking the food.
What Kinds of Cat Food Does James Wellbeloved Offer?
As of October 2023, James Wellbeloved offers a selection of wet and dry foods for kittens, adults, and seniors. Only one of their dry foods is grain-free—the Adult Turkey & Veg Dry Cat Food. Wet grain-free food is offered in turkey, chicken, lamb, and salmon flavors. And in the dry food section, you’ll also find a high-protein food and one designed to help fight hairballs.
Dry James Wellbeloved Food:

Adult Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food
Grain Free Adult Turkey & Veg Dry Cat Food
Adult Fish & Rice Dry Cat Food
Senior Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food
Kitten Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food
Light Adult Turkey & Rice Dry Cat Food
Senior Fish & Rice Dry Cat Food
Senior Chicken Dry Cat Food
Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food
Adult High Protein Chicken & Turkey Cat Food
James Wellbeloved Hairball Adult Turkey

Wet James Wellbeloved Food:

Grain-Free Adult Turkey in Gravy Wet Cat Food
Grain-Free Adult Lamb in Gravy Wet Cat Food
Grain-Free Senior Turkey in Gravy Wet Cat Food
Grain-Free Senior Chicken in Jelly Wet Cat Food
Grain-Free Kitten Turkey in Gravy Wet Cat Food
Grain-Free Adult Chicken in Jelly Wet Cat Food
Grain-Free Adult with Salmon in Gravy Wet Cat Food
Grain-Free Senior with Salmon in Jelly Wet Cat Food
Grain-Free Senior 11+ with Turkey in Gravy Wet Cat Food
Grain-Free Adult with Salmon in Jelly Wet Cat Food

All of the foods are made from a single source of protein, so if you purchase the turkey flavor you’ll only get turkey meat, gravy, and fat.
What Did Our Test Cats Think?
My cats tried the Adult Turkey & Rice Dry, Grain Free Senior Turkey in Gravy, and the Grain Free Adult Chicken in Jelly.
Theo is an ex-stray foster cat whose age is estimated to be around seven. Due to his previous life on the street, he has a delicate stomach, so the grain-free wet food was ideal for him to try. I avoided giving Theo the biscuits as the ones we purchased weren’t grain-free. I have lots of experience with cats who have delicate stomachs and have found that grain-free food can help to improve these cats’ digestion and reduce smells in the litter tray. And the James Wellbeloved did exactly this, making the litter tray a considerably less smelly environment. Theo really enjoyed the food and ate everything.
Betty is a 14-year-old cat with hyperthyroidism but no other underlying health issues. Betty can be a little fussy with food and has a tendency to refuse everything except the lowest quality food. However, she thoroughly enjoyed the James Wellbeloved and finished off every bowl of both wet and dry food.
James Wellbeloved—Top 3 Recipes Reviewed

How Much Does James Wellbeloved Cat Food Cost?
James Wellbeloved cat food is available from a variety of sources in the UK, so you may find some price differentiation. For 1.5kg of dry food, you can expect to pay around £14–£17, while a box of 12 wet pouches comes in at around £11–£13. James Wellbeloved does sometimes offer bundle discounts.
These prices make James Wellbeloved a more expensive option, although they’re not as pricey as vet-prescribed foods. You are essentially paying for the grain-free and more natural ingredients used in these cat foods than budget brands such as Felix.
Where Is James Wellbeloved Cat Food Sold?
James Wellbeloved is fairly widely available online in the UK and in some pet stores. It’s worth shopping around to see who has the best offers or discounts on the brand, so here are some places you’ll be able to find it:

Overall, Is James Wellbeloved a Good Choice?
James Wellbeloved isn’t perfect. Its wet and dry foods use pea protein to bulk out the food and the protein content could be higher. Smaller chunks in the wet food aren’t particularly appealing to some cats either. However, both wet and dry foods are made with a single-source protein.
More importantly, all the wet foods and one of the dry foods are 100% grain-free and hypoallergenic. Our testers have used the James Wellbeloved foods for a number of foster cats. They found it particularly effective for formerly stray cats who often have some gastrointestinal issues. I would buy the food again for cats with upset tummies or those with food sensitivities.
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