Kitten Babysitter Posts Himself Outside And Waits For Mom To Open Door

A Pit Bull named Kairo adores his foster kitties. He posts outside the ‘cat room’ and counts the seconds until Mom opens the door. Kairo has such a big doggy heart that his love doesn’t stop there– he’s also obsessed with two special people in his life. His grandparents!

As soon as Mom utters the words: we’re going to Grandma and Grandpa’s, he races to the front door and sits, eagerly waiting for the door to open. Once Mom is ready to leave, Kairo makes a mad dash out to the car. He knows exactly where he’s going and can’t contain his excitement!

When they arrive at his grandparents’ house, Kairo jumps out of the car and runs straight to their door, where he impatiently waits for the front door to open. The moment the door is slightly ajar, the Pit Bull pushes his way through and sprints straight to Grandpa for “couch cuddles.”

Kairo also loves to play with his grandparents’ dogs, and once they tucker themselves out, it’s time to go inside and “invade Grandpa and Grandma’s personal space.” This pup is so adorable! We promise you will fall in love with Kairo too! Get ready for some major cuteness, folks!

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