Kitty Who Can’t Stand Up ‘Makes Up His Mind’ That He’s Going To Walk

When a 4-week-old kitten, later named Renley, was brought into a veterinary clinic paralyzed and on the verge of being put to sleep, fate had other plans for him. Jessica, a kind-hearted woman who had a friend working as a vet nurse, received a call asking if she could take in the kitten. Without hesitation, Jessica agreed and took Renley home, determined to give him the chance he deserved. At first, Renley could only roll around or try to pull himself along the floor due to his paralysis. He had complete muscle wastage, which made it difficult for him to move around. Despite his challenges, Renley was determined to be a normal cat and live a happy life.

To help Renley regain his strength and mobility, Jessica began implementing physical therapy exercises, such as bicycle kicks. These exercises involved moving Renley’s back legs to stimulate muscle growth and assist him in walking. In addition to physical therapy, Renley was taken to the vet for acupuncture treatments, which helped stimulate blood flow and address nerve damage.

Over time, Renley’s determination began to pay off. Although he initially struggled to get around, he gradually began walking like a normal cat. Watching Renley’s progress was both heartwarming and amusing as he developed his own unique gait and quirks.

One of Renley’s most endearing quirks is his love for chatting with Jessica. He has a peculiar meow that he uses to communicate with her. Renley also has a favorite bunny toy, which he has had since he was four weeks old. He carries the toy around with him everywhere. His little best friend accompanies him while he sleeps and plays.

As Renley continued to grow and reach six months of age, it became clear to Jessica that he was more than just a temporary rescue. She decided to keep him as a permanent part of her family, as they had fallen in love with each other. Renley’s presence in Jessica’s life has been transformative, teaching her about strength, courage, and determination through his unwavering resilience and ability to overcome numerous challenges.
Renley’s journey from a paralyzed kitten on the brink of death to a thriving, quirky cat has been nothing short of miraculous. Play the video below to witness Renley’s remarkable journey.
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