Know Everything About the TNW’s Multani Mitti Face Wash

Multani Mitti is an absolute favourite, ask any woman! From mattifying the face, to absorbing oiliness, Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth is an absolute favourite of any Indian woman! While we are in the time of ‘more expensive = better’, this dirt-cheap ingredient tends to solve MOST of the problems.Skin brightening? Multani Mitti, Summer Face Pack? Multani Mitti, Acne? Multani Mitti, Tanning? Multani Mitti! Many more questions like these, Multani Mitti is the saviour and answer to most of the questions! 
Multani Mitti is known for its many beneficial properties, such as:- It has anti-acne properties- It has anti-inflammatory properties- It demonstrates astringent activities- It absorbs excess oil- It has antimicrobial properties- It has skin brightening effect

How is it Beneficial for Skin?

Multani Mitti is known to be extremely effective when it comes to healing acne and treating acne marks. This clay can be used daily to keep skin clean and healthy. Multani Mitti has a cleansing effect that removes dead skin and impurities from the skin. Its effect exponentially increases when combined with other ingredients such as rose, sandalwood, and saffron.
Multani Mitti can help tone the skin. It may help deal with signs of ageing and wrinkles. It helps make skin more elastic, and it has a cooling and soothing effect.
Combining nature and science in TNW-The Natural Wash’s Multani Mitti Face Wash
Now you know how beneficial Multani Mitti is for skin, you also know that it can be a real mess to apply it. Everyone has a busy lifestyle, no one has time to attend to Multani Mitti’s extravagant preparations.
TNW-The Natural Wash brings you the best of nature and science in a hassle free tube. TNW-The Natural Wash’s Multani Mitti face wash is powered with nature’s best Multani Mitti along with other skin loving ingredients such as Sandalwood, Saffron, and AloeVera.
Giving you a refreshing face wash experience, the sweet smell of sandalwood lingers over and elevates your senses while giving a gentle cleanse. Its clayey, grainy texture feels absolutely like Multani Mitti, while massaging, foams up without the suds. 

Multani mitti adheres to the bacteria and other microbes and acts against them. It aids in the reduction of blemishes and dark spots. This face wash deep cleanses the face, keeping it fresh for longer. It helps heal acne and pimples, along with pigmentation and tanning. It is ideal for acne prone and oily skin, and Incorporating this facewash in your routine is very simple:

Wash your face with TNW Multani Mitti Face Wash, you can use it twice a day.

After cleansing, spritz some TNW Steam Distilled Rose Water on your face to increase the hydration levels.

Apply a generous layer of TNW Aloe Vera Gel with 24K Gold Flakes to seal in the moisture.

When combined with other ingredients such as Rose Water and Aloe Vera, this routine is sure to show you results on acne prone and oily skin types.
Multani Mitti is a natural healer, and nature knows the best. Relish Multani Mitti Face Wash and other natural personal care products exclusively at TNW-The Natural Wash.

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