Let it SNOW!

 ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles! Check out all this white stuff! Looks like sugar! …like a LOT of sugar!WAFFLES:  It’s snow, Ellie. A LOT of snow. A LOTTA LOTTA snow.ELLIE:  What are we supposed to do with it? Make snow angels? Eat it?WAFFLES:  I’ll pass on the snow angels. And eating it is pretty overrated. Tastes like super cold water. WAFFLES:  I’m sure Glogirly’s going skiing tomorrow. ELLIE:  Like outside? In the snow???WAFFLES:  That’s the general idea. She straps those big sticks onto her feet and swooshes down the mountain.ELLIE:  You mean on purpose???WAFFLES:  She’s a little crazy. Snow Day!We had our biggest snowfall at the house this season! Almost 15″! We even got more snow than our local ski area. …Glogirly should have strapped on those big sticks and skied down our driveway! It’s been a late start to our snowy winter. We’re doing our snow dance and hoping for much, much more!Ski like a cat girl!

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