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The Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System is a simple way to control odor from your cat’s waste. It is basically like a diaper pail but soiled litter is put inside. It locks in smells unlike a regular trash can.
The Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System means less trips from the litter box to the trash and you are able to leave the disposed of litter in the pail for up to 14 days.
If you’re tired of cleaning the litter box, placing soiled litter in a bag, then taking a trip outside to the trash can, this pail may be the solution. Nothing makes cleaning the litter box more desirable but this system can definitely make it quick and easy.
The Design
Soiled litter can be dropped in and will be trapped inside the bag at the bottom of the pail
The Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System is designed to look like an upright trash can and is made with microbial plastic material. The pail will arrive fully assembled, but you do need to put the bag cartridge into place and tie it off at the bottom before it is ready for use.
The Litter Genie uses these seven-layer bags with odor lock technology that are refillable. There is also an added microbial that prevents odors caused by bacteria on the pail.
Basically you put the soiled cat litter into the Litter Genie Pail, and it sits at the top of the bag. Once closed, you pull back the drawer so that the soiled litter drops into the bag inside the pail. The drawer acts like a second lid, and uses a multi-layer odor barrier technology to seal it away. This means you won’t smell dirty litter odor when you open the pail.
When the bag inside the pail is full, there is a spot to cut the top portion off without having to use your own scissors. Then you can just pull down another bag, tie it and fill it for another 2 weeks.
Initial Impressions
The first thing that becomes obvious when setting up the Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System is that it is pretty sturdy and made with a heavy duty plastic.
What I really liked about the Litter Genie is you can place it right next to your litter box, and can easily scoop it without the hassle of finding a bag or making a trip to the trash can. This definitely helps with the daily chore of cleaning the litter box.
Once set up, the rectangular Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System measures 9.5L x 8.5W x 17H inches and comes in the color gray with black details. It also has a scoop that sits on the side in its own holder.
The set up comes with 14 feet of bags that are supposed to last 8 weeks for one cat and assuming you are using a clumping litter. Clumping litter generally takes up more room in the bag. If you opt for a non-clumping litter, you should get longer use out of the bags.
Testing the Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System
The Litter Genie has a sleek and modern design
The trickiest part of setting up the Litter Genie is feeding the bag in beyond the slider, into the base, and then tying it off at the bottom.
Once set up, I used the included scoop to sift through my cat’s litter box then drop the soiled parts into the top section of the pail. I pulled out the handle and the soiled litter dropped right into the bottom of the bag. The handle then retracts back into place, sealing in the litter, and odors.
When the genie was full, I took off the top half to access the bag underneath. Inside the pail there is a razor for cutting the bag off the strip, then tying it up, to toss it in the trash. Then I set up the next refill by pulling the bag into the top section, and securely tying the bottom.
For my 2 cats, I had to change the bag out about once every 7 to 8 days, but I also used a non clumping litter which takes up less space in the bags. This makes each refill container last a little under a month.
If you have more than one cat and you scoop a lot or on a daily basis, the Litter Genie might fill up quickly. You may want to consider using regular trash bags with your Litter Genie to cut the cost of refills. Although a regular trash bag in the Litter Genie system may not hold in the smell as well, it could save you a lot of money in the long run.
How Much Does the Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System Cost?
Refillable cartridge for Litter Genie Pail
The Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System is priced around $16.99 on Chewy and Amazon.
The refill bags are what will cost you in the long run and run about $15 for a 2-pack refill. This is allegedly an 8 week supply, so if you only have one cat you may get longer depending on his bathroom habits.
Is the Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System Worth It?
The Litter Genie Pail Litter Disposal System is one of the most affordable litter disposal systems on the market and will make your life easier when scooping your cat’s litter box.
While the initial set-up of the Litter Genie can be confusing when figuring out the latch and inserting the bags it does streamline the whole process once done. This pail is designed to keep dogs and children out of the mess and away from dirty litter.
The biggest problem for me is how pricey the refills are. The bags are not cheap and may not be ideal for multi cat homes or if you are set on using clumping litter. You can always use the trash bag hacks in the pail to save some cash but you may be forfeiting odor control.
Unfortunately, this pail only comes in gray and black but has a modern design. Since it will most likely be sitting next to your litter box, you may not be too picky about appearances.
That being said, there are a few other models made by Litter Genie that come in white and off white. These are somewhat larger in size and may or may not have the same features.
The biggest take away is how well this pail traps odor. I was not able to smell anything outside the pail or when I opened it to drop soiled litter inside. It all seems to stay trapped at the bottom of the bag in the pail very well.

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