Man Trying To Do Chores Has To Sweep Around His ‘Lazy’ Dog

Lucho Bugallo’s dog, aptly named Lazy, embodies her name to the fullest. While she shares the common canine enthusiasm for park outings, Lazy’s true passion lies in lounging idly. At home, her penchant for inactivity has earned her the nickname “Carpet,” reflecting her love for lying around and doing nothing at all.

Image/Story Source Credit: Lucho Bugallo via YouTube Video
While Lucho Bugallo goes about his household chores, accommodating his indolent companion becomes part of the routine. Far from being bothered, Lucho finds amusement in the situation, as evident in the video below. In an effort to sweep leaves off the sidewalk, he finds himself having to gently lift Lazy’s legs to navigate around her, showcasing her profound commitment to relaxation even in the midst of tidying up.
He just wants his good girl to be happy, and that she is.

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